December 17, 2009 15:39 ET

ProStockMonitor.Com Reports Gold and Gold Stocks Have yet to Recover After the Release of the Positive Unemployment Report-Gold Fields Ltd., Goldcorp Inc. Barrick Gold Corp., Kinross Gold Corp.

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After months of steady gains gold tumbled $48.60 on Friday December 4th after a positive Unemployment Report was released. Gold fell 4% to end at $1,168.89 an ounce on that day. The U.S. unemployment rate fell in November to 10%, which was down .2% from the previous month. This was the first drop since early 2008. Optimistic investors deserted the safe haven that gold provides in favor of the broader market. After almost two weeks gold closed at $1138.10 Wednesday up $13.86 from the previous day's trading session. While gold is still off its trading highs, the freefall has apparently been arrested. Our FREE Investment report focuses on companies whose stocks have the greatest potential for advancement. Our detailed reports are available to all interested investors FREE of charge, simply subscribe and see for yourself at:

Investor enthusiasm was fueled by the news that employers cut the fewest jobs since February 2008, when the economy first started shedding jobs. But a word of caution is advised as a closer look at the numbers reveals that not all the unemployed are counted in this government survey and that as such, it possesses inherent weaknesses. Investors need to remember that the administration's claim of "created or saved" jobs relied on a survey also and not on solid facts. Making investment decisions which are based on such survey "data" might prove very costly indeed. A flight from gold at this point seems ill-advised or at the very least premature. Unlike currency, whether of the domestic or foreign variety, gold has been and will continue to be a safe investment. At various times, due to short-term events the price drops but long-term it always goes up. Why? We can't print more gold.

ProStockMonitor's Friday December 4th Market Recap of selected gold stocks revealed the not so pretty picture. Gold Fields Ltd. Dec 4th close was $14.62 and Wednesday's close was $14.05, Goldcorp Inc. Dec 4th close was $42.27 with Wednesday close of $39.69, Barrick Gold Corp. closed Dec 4th at $42.68 and Wednesday it closed at $39.92, Kinross Gold Corp. Dec 4th $20.47 and Wednesday $18.97. Almost two weeks later our selected picks lost some more ground but not dramatically so and all closed higher than the previous day. This seems to indicate a new floor for our picks is forming just as it seems to be the case for the underlying commodity.

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