SOURCE: Product Safety and Security International, Inc.

July 07, 2005 08:00 ET

Produce Safety and Security International, Inc. Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Spherequat®

PRESCOTT, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 7, 2005 -- Produce Safety and Security International, Inc. (OTC: PDSC) is pleased to announce that the company has been selected as the exclusive distributor for the EPA registered Spherequat series of quaternary cleaning products. The company has taken the initiative to expand their use of the state-of-the-art Spherequat® into all aspects of its business model and is pleased to be offered exclusive distribution rights for the Spherequat® product.

Spherequat® is a Biocidal Quaternary. A Biocidal Quaternary (Quat) is a general term used to describe a Quat that is registered with the Federal Government (US EPA) for use in disinfectants and sanitizers. Quats are considered to be excellent grease- and fat-cutting surfactants or surface active agents. They carry a cationic or positive charge to their structure. This positive charge is the key to the biocidal efficacy of the quat. The cell walls of most bacteria and viruses are negatively charged. The positive charged quat attaches to the negatively charge bacteria and starts to dissolve away at the fats and lipids on the outside surface of the bacteria's cell wall. This process disrupts the transfer of fluids back and forth through the cell wall causing the cell to lyses and die.

PDSC will be offering and using Spherequat® 1000 and 6400, a Cleaner-Disinfectant-Sanitizer-Deodorizer-Fungicide-Mildewstat-Virucide With Organic Soil Tolerance for Hospitals, Nursing Home, Whirlpool, Home, Veterinary, Restaurant, Food Handling and Process Areas, Bar and Institutional Kitchen Use and for Sanitizing Ice machines to include a Ready-to-Use Spherequat® 2525-200. The 200 series is also an EPA Registered, Ready-to-Use 200 ppm quaternary active food contact sanitizer that is specifically formulated for use by personnel in food service establishments, homes, schools, institutions, industries, meat/poultry/food processing plants, dairies, bars, restaurant and cafeterias to sanitize hard, nonporous food contact surfaces. Thus giving you complete protection from the "Stable to the Table."

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