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Project Plan Ltd.

March 01, 2010 09:35 ET

Project Plan Ltd. Announces New Task Management Features for Their Popular Project Planner Software

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - March 1, 2010) - Today, Project Plan Ltd announced that they have just released the latest version of their popular Project Planner software complete with new task management features.

Project Planner is a full featured industry leading product that has been implemented by organizations around the world to allow their project managers to get a better grip on the projects they manage. With it, project managers can create comprehensive project plans and schedules, informative Gantt Chart Software views showing task interdependencies, track task-related financial data, and create customer reports to meet the needs of everyone and everything on the project.

"Project Planning Software is often a subjective process at best and a destructive process at worst if you're using the wrong tools and Project Tracking the wrong information," states Project Plan Ltd. CEO and president Jason Westland. "Sometimes the only criteria the project manager is measured by is on time and on budget project delivery to the customer. Other factors can play into overall customer satisfaction, but in terms of his own organization, it's often just these two factors the project manager is judged by. Using Project Planner, the project manager will greatly increase his chances of delivering on both because he'll be in more control of the entire project and project plan from beginning to end."

The task definition and management features of this product have always been strong. However, this latest release has gone to even greater lengths to make management of resources and their assigned tasks even easier for the project manager. New views, reports, and control methods have been built in to this latest release to help keep the project manager on top of tasks and task status throughout the engagement.

"If Project Planning Software is hard to use or hard to understand, it won't get used - and then it's no good to the organization and certainly of no use to the project manager," says Westland. "I'm happy to report that 100% of the customers who have implemented our Project Planner software for use in their organization are still using the product two years later. That's unprecedented in this fickle software market niche."

By using Project Planner to manage their projects, organizations and project managers are able to:

- Capture all necessary tasks for a project up front

- Create detailed Gantt Charts showing task dependencies, durations, level of effort, costs, etc.

- Create custom reports for project managers, project team members, executive level personnel, and customer teams

- Create custom views using filters to give team members and the customer vision into the right tasks and assignments at the right time

Knowing what's assigned, what's due when, and what tasks are dependent on other tasks is critical for every project. With Project Planner, the project manager remains in control of these critical project planning aspects throughout the engagement. It's easy, it's cost effective, and it's powerful, and now its even more user friendly with this latest release.

Project Planner is available for purchase and download on Project Plan Ltd. For more information, please visit their website at

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