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January 16, 2008 11:28 ET

Proximic Scales New Online Advertising Network With Key Industry Agreements

With New Deals Signed with Yahoo! Shopping,, and Several Others, Proximic's Advertising Repository Is Now Approaching 50 Million Ad Units

New and Innovative Approach to Contextual Advertising Enables Proximic to Rapidly Deploy E-Commerce Catalogs into Highly Relevant and Matchable Ads Across Its Publisher Network

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - January 16, 2008) - Proximic, a new player in the contextual advertising and content-matching arena, today announced that it has signed business deals to use the product catalogs of e-commerce destinations -- Yahoo! Shopping,, and several others -- as advertisements on U.S. publisher sites within its new advertising network. (The advertisements generated from each of the agreements will appear on separate pages on Proximic's network.) With a new and innovative approach to serving online advertisements, Proximic can rapidly deploy entire e-commerce catalogs as highly relevant and matchable ads on any number of content sites in Proximic's global network. With the agreements that it has just signed, Proximic's advertising repository is approaching 50 million unique ad units.

Meeting the New Challenges of Online Advertising

Increasingly, publishers are under great pressure to find better ways to monetize their online properties. Proximic's language-independent approach automatically reads and matches relevant content according to interconnected "patterns" that are not even based on words but which exist within each document. The approach enables publishers to automatically serve up meaningful content -- articles, ads, products -- without the need for keywords or preset categories. It's similar to querying a search engine with a complete set of 200+ words, and finding the most relevant and similar results to that query.

Approach Enables Online Publishers to Monetize More of their Content Better

With an already sizable advertising repository, Proximic is now prepared to serve the very large market of online publishers -- mainstream media sites, blogs, and other content sites -- that continually produce great stores of content but cannot monetize sufficiently because traditional approaches neither have the matching quality nor are able to choose from a critical mass of relevant advertising.

The growth of Proximic's ad repository is a testament to its technology.

"When we launched back in October, we had a new approach that substantially met the technology challenge of serving up relevant advertising in a market where keyword-based systems were encountering their natural limits," said Proximic CEO Philipp Pieper. "Now we are beginning to build the advertising repository that will make this promise a reality and we will see our technology-scalability translate into business-model scalability. In the next weeks we will introduce an open publisher program to let publishers participate in better revenues. This is a turning point for the company, and in the next few months we will announce a number of important wins on the publisher side that will further validate the approach we are taking."

About Proximic

Proximic provides publishers with a better way to monetize their content on their own sites and across the Web. With the Proximic Contextual Content Network, publishers automatically serve up highly relevant content -- articles, ads, or merchandize -- on their sites, as well as syndicate their content to other sites throughout the network. Powered by a radical new search technology called "pattern proximity," the network delivers relevant content to the reader at performance levels that outclass other technology approaches. Proximic is a privately funded company based in Palo Alto, California and Munich, Germany. Investors include Wellington Partners and the Holtzbrinck Group, the publisher of numerous publications including Scientific American. To learn more, visit www.

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