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April 29, 2008 23:59 ET

Public Relations Specialist Gillian Christie Says "Organic Marketing™" Will Transform and Enhance Campaigns

Industry Veteran: "Greater Efficiency in Marketing Creates the 'Green' Tempo of Our Time"

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - Everything is becoming more efficient these days, hybrid cars, Energy Star® appliances, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and now, even marketing. According to Gillian Christie, a public relations and communications specialist for "green" and ethical organizations, the logical evolution of today's environmentally aware business practices and sustainable consumer lifestyles is the re-thinking of publicity itself.

She calls the process Organic Marketing™ and says it is the culmination of over two decades of promoting organic and green products for hundreds of companies active in the once-fringe natural food and green products category worldwide. Why the need for a new approach in today's hyper-competitive, fragmented marketing landscape? For that very reason, Ms. Christie says.

"Despite ongoing efforts by the advertising industry to streamline campaigns with 'one-to-one' relationship marketing and sophisticated targeting, traditional marketing still has inefficiencies that can be squeezed out. Too often campaigns are costly and wasteful, both in dollars spent and resources used, such as plastic, paper and people's time," Ms. Christie said from her office at Christie Communications, a boutique agency located in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Since launching the business in 1994, Ms. Christie has attracted an impressive client roster, partly due to her disarming directness about the firm's commitment to work only with ethical companies, but mostly as a result of her track record. She says it's why she describes Organic Marketing in her client presentations as "not simply marketing organic products but marketing any product organically."

The goal of all marketers, she believes, should be to move beyond expensive and repetitive mainstream 'shotgun' marketing in favor of campaigns that are more holistic in nature. To the team at Christie Communications, that means matching product benefits to specific consumer profiles and marrying branding tightly with socially responsible causes.

"Advertisers, the media and consumers have embraced recycling, organic food, energy efficiency and other eco-friendly trends to a degree that few could have predicted a decade ago," Ms. Christie said. "Organic Marketing capitalizes on the intrinsic human desire for a better mousetrap with a proprietary research and targeting process that result in customized messaging appropriate for the advertiser, delivered through communication channels most suited to reach the intended target."

To meet Organic Marketing's objective of delivering maximum results with minimal use of resources, the firm uses exhaustive market analysis based on a process Ms. Christie calls "goal identification" and "conversion research." Each new client engagement also begins with a national telephone survey of the target audience to lay the campaign's groundwork and ensure it will resonate effectively with the desired demographic as well as what she refers affectionately to as EDPs (Every Day People).

"It's clear that green marketing has become wholly mainstream, so now it is vital that the methods used to efficiently promote eco-conscious lifestyle choices themselves are equally sustainable," she stated. "The appeal of Organic Marketing is that it's a highly precise process that takes into account the interests, attitudes and opinions of the individual consumer and then defines the key factors necessary to convert them into new customers."

As evidence of the effectiveness of the Organic approach, Ms. Christie cites several publicity efforts that began with modest budgets, yet successfully used grassroots publicity and cause marketing to reach an extremely broad audience, often at much less cost than high profile national campaigns. One example is The Healthy Beverage Company, a market leader in the natural organic packaged beverage sector with its Steaz® brand Sparkling Green Teas.

Now in its fifth year as a Christie Communications client, the firm's stature among target consumers has grown significantly, in part due to its involvement in humanitarian programs such as an ongoing fundraising campaign to aid the wonderful people of Sri Lanka.

"The primary value statement of Steaz is as an all natural, healthy alternative to soda and energy drinks made from organically-grown Ceylon green tea," Ms. Christie said. "After publicizing their Fair Trade Certified business practices and other activities that improve the lives of the Sri Lanka families that grow the green tea used in the product, identification of the brand increased dramatically among 18 to 34 year-olds, their prime target demographic."

As the firm further refines Organic Marketing and the efficiencies it offers, Ms. Christie says she expects the boundaries between commercial advertising and cause marketing and publicity to continue to blur, perhaps eventually disappearing altogether.

"Our Organic Marketing approach is growing as a powerful force in the world right now, but it can never be more than just one aspect of the big picture," Ms. Christie commented. "By helping these companies fulfill their potential and achieve their goals, we're doing the same thing for people and communities all over the globe. When these objectives become inseparable, magic happens."

Is It Really Organic? How to Tell if Your Marketing Employs a Holistic Approach

Organic Marketing uses extensive Conversion Market Research™ to build brand awareness and market demand.

Organic Marketing isn't necessarily "grassroots" marketing, although it often employs this technique.

Organic Marketing is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Each campaign is highly customized and is designed with specific personal logical and emotional profiles in mind.

Organic Marketing is not about marketing organic products. Its organic because it is based on a holistic approach that aims to avoid wasting resources and effort.

Organic Marketing is a philosophy as much as a technique or process. By using ethical practices in developing the advertiser's messaging, the resistance inherent in communicating with the audience is lessened and the consumer is more receptive to the campaign themes.

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