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December 02, 2008 06:10 ET

Purespace Cleans Up the Dirtiest Environments

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 2, 2008) - The worst disease-carrying pathogens aren't found in gutters, rivers or skies. Yet every day, nearly all adults and children are exposed to them. People are unknowingly introducing potentially literally millions of germs and bacteria into their systems over and over again simply by entering the bathroom. Bathroom germs and bacteria carried on such basic personal items as tooth and hair brushes, tweezers, pacifiers and baby bottle nipples, break down our natural immune systems. Multiple studies have linked these pathogens to diabetes, heart disease, and even certain cancers. Until now there has not been an effective way to disinfect and protect personal care items in the home, leaving even healthy people open to illness and disease on a daily basis. Purespace is the first of its kind appliance for disinfecting and storing toothbrushes and many more personal care items.

The purespace® home sanitizer was invented to reduce the spread of germs, viruses and other harmful bacteria. Hospitals use a process called "Autoclaving" to kill bacteria and viruses on surgical instruments and the FDA recommends the expensive machines as the most reliable for this purpose. Revolutionary patented technology (verified by several FDA-registered laboratories) confirms that the purespace sanitizer kills the greatest number of germs possible in a non-hospital grade sterilizer (99.9999%). Purespace has been proven to be so effective, it keeps harmful bacteria like vaporized E-coli from entering the unit and infecting the contents. Co-Creator Darren Paskal explains that, "using wet and dry heat similar to the Autoclave, purespace kills virtually all of the viruses and bacteria present on an item, not just a fraction of them, unlike UV toothbrush only sanitizers. It's hygiene 101 -- if it goes in your body you want it clean."

A multi-functional, family friendly device, purespace holds up to six toothbrushes and a plethora of other personal care products like razors, make up brushes, baby bottles and contact lens cases. Simply by using a safe, chemical-free, steam-only process, the purespace home sanitizer is proof that prevention is the key to good health. To use, place the item inside, pour in water using the supplied cup, replace the dome and press the button. In 10 minutes, the item will be completely sterilized and, in a total of 60 minutes, dried and protected as well.

As an "Earth friendly" device, purespace consumes a minimum of power, uses no chemicals, is made of highly recyclable materials and helps to reduce waste by prolonging the lifespan of commonly used grooming items. Co-creator of the purespace Gregory Noss explains, "We wanted to give consumers a real choice to be proactive in their wellness routine by creating a product that is as close as you can come to what the professionals use, at an affordable price. Everyone deserves this kind of protection."

Consumers can purchase the purespace home sanitizer for about $100 at, the Frontgate catalog (, or at a variety of retail stores nationwide. Dental professionals can purchase the unit from Darby Dental Supply. For more information, please go to the website or contact the company directly.

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