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January 18, 2010 20:42 ET

"Q From ExSilent," the Completely Invisible Solution Gaining Momentum With HearAtLast Clients

MISSISSAUGA, ON--(Marketwire - January 18, 2010) - HearAtLast Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HRAL), a leading provider of suitable, affordable solutions to clients with hearing needs in the billion dollar hearing loss market, today announced that their "ExSilent" the "Invisible Solution" is not going unnoticed. HearAtLast is pleased with the recent salutations from patients wearing the world's smallest conventional, completely in the canal, (CIC) in the ear hearing device.

"The ease of use, functionality and truly invisible look are garnering the acceptance of those who once stayed away from traditional hearing devices," states Matthew Sacco, CEO of HearAtLast. The ExSilent "CIC" provides the Generation X and Baby Boomers with a truly invisible device that deals with the number one issue related to hearing aids, STIGMA, Not Price, as appearance is the number one factor for those individuals under the age of 64. The fact that this unit has complete programmability and stealth like appearance is creating a whole new sales paradigm in the marketplace. Wearing this is like wearing a contact lens or having Laser eye surgery, comments Sacco, It is opening the eyes and ears of a whole new generation of hearing impaired wearers.

About ExSilent and Q™

ExSilent is an independent R&D company designing next generation hearing aids and audio applications. The Company's aim is to help solve some of the notorious problems of hearing aids in general and CICs in particular. ExSilent works together with strategic partners in the hearing aid industry, the Academic world and numerous specialists worldwide.

The modular design of the Q™ makes it unnecessary to make any ear impressions or custom designed earpieces. Instead, the Q™ is inserted in the ear with a patented soft tip: a highly flexible hypo allergenic soft tip that comes in various sizes, thus enabling the Q™ to fit in practically all ears, on the spot. The same soft tips come with an innovative built-in cerumen protection system, making it impossible for cerumen to penetrate and damage the receiver. Cerumen entering the Q™ is collected in the soft tip, which can easily be cleaned or disposed of and replaced, no sophisticated filter systems are needed, it's that easy. Because the concha stays empty, wind noise is reduced and directional hearing is improved.

High quality components and the advanced digital microchip ensure high sound quality. The design of the soft tip and the use of high quality materials enable prolonged comfort while wearing. The possibility to choose a standard solution means that you can test the Q™ on the spot without having to spend extra visits to your dispenser for customizing.

Q™ for Quality -- Due to its innovative modular design, Q™ does not require the making of any expensive and time consuming customized parts. No need to reschedule your life making multiple appointments spread over some weeks time. With any luck you can have your Q™ adjusted to your personal hearing needs within half an hour, without any compromise. Q™ uses high quality hypo-allergic highly flexible soft tips that come in various sizes and "mould themselves" in any specific shape, in any specific ear. You can rest assured that you have one of the most advanced digital hearing aids out there.

Q™ is composed of the same high quality components as any other top of the line digital hearing aid available. Every Q™ module is manufactured by professionals and with every single Q™ undergoing strict quality control you can count on Quality with a capital Q™.

Of course Q™ is equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as Anti Feedback Control to avoid irritating squealing, dynamic Noise Reduction to help you understand speech in noisy environments and many more features that will assist your listening experience constantly without even being aware of it.

See Less, Hear More -- We at ExSilent know what motivates people into actually doing something about their hearing loss. The fact has always remained that only about 30% of the people needing hearing aids indeed buy them, not to mention actually using them.

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About HearAtLast

HearAtLast Holdings, Inc. is a Nevada corporation that owns and operates its wholly-owned subsidiary. HearAtLast Inc., a chain of hearing stores specializing in the sale of digital hearing aids and testing services. The company develops, owns, and operates hearing aid clinics co-located within select Wal-Mart stores throughout Canada. HearAtLast facilities sell a selection of high quality brand name hearing aids and also offer complimentary screening tests, clinical hearing tests, high end earbuds and assistive listening devices. The Company's mission is to consolidate the highly fragmented hearing services industry while providing unparalleled service to the estimated 30+ million hearing impaired individuals throughout North America. After a prescription is approved, the independent on-site audiologists and hearing aid practitioners at HearAtLast utilize a refined process to dispense the latest in Name Brand digital hearing aids.

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