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June 08, 2009 08:00 ET

Q4 Web Systems Introduces Social Media and XBRL to Investor Relations (IR) Websites

Q4's Summer '09 Release builds on IR Best Practices and gives Companies a Competitive Advantage in today's capital markets

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA--(Marketwire - June 8, 2009) -

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Q4 Web Systems (Q4), a leading provider of software for corporate and investor relations websites, today announced from the National Investor Relations Institute National Conference their Summer '09 release which introduces Social Media and eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) capabilities to IR websites. This latest release offers different ways for investors to find, subscribe and share content through social networks, and builds on Q4's existing robust investor toolkit which includes over 30 IR Best Practice modules that work with any website.

In today's business environment, capital markets are more competitive than ever. Investors, analysts and the media all agree that the company IR website is the most important channel for communicating its investment story. It has become a leading source of information for all of these groups to verify and gather key company information - second only to popular financial sites such as Bloomberg and Reuters.

"Your IR website is your most accessible, far reaching investor communications tool, so it is essential to maximize its full potential. As the financial landscape remains uncertain, companies need to ensure that they have a consistent and frequent dialogue about their strategy and performance with shareholders and potential investors," said Darrell Heaps, President and CEO. "Disseminating information through traditional channels and making financial statements available in one format are no longer enough. The world is adopting social media in record numbers and soon, XBRL will be mandatory in the United States. Adding social channels to distribute information, as well as packaging financial information to make it easier to download and conduct comparative analyses, will increase your audience reach, empower people to engage with your company and give them a better understanding of your investment proposition."


Q4's web platform continuously evolves with market and regulatory trends that keep the IR website on the leading edge of companies' investor communications. Part of this evolution is the increasing use of social media - for example, a recent study of 17,000 internet users, from 29 countries shows that 57% of those individuals have signed up for a Social Network - making it the number one platform for creating and sharing social content.

Q4's latest IR Website products create viral IR content, which means they can be shared, disseminated and republished across the web to millions of retail and institutional investors. Customers can now:

- Embed and distribute presentations, videos and documents through SlideShare, YouTube and Docstoc,

- Automatically update Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook with news, presentations and events, and

- Aggregate all social activities on the IR website with inbound RSS feeds.


In addition to the increasing importance of Social Media, Q4 also recognizes that XBRL is more than an evolving trend as it will soon be mandatory for all U.S. based issuers.

In January 2009, the SEC introduced a phased mandate for filing in XBRL starting with the largest companies in June 2009 and then extending to all sizes of companies over the next three years. The rules require companies to provide their financial statements on their corporate websites in an interactive data format using XBRL at the same time their financial statements are submitted to the SEC.

Q4's new product is designed to help public companies meet the SEC XBRL regulations which require public companies to post financial statements in interactive data formats.

To respond to this mandate Q4 now offers US based filers:

- XBRL financials with real-time rendering on your website - once your XBRL filing is accepted by the SEC, within minutes your website is updated with the complete filing displayed in HTML,

- Multiple report formats for enhanced financial analysis and reporting by investors, analysts and the financial media, and

- Ability to view and download XBRL reports, or share embed code through social networks.

For more details on our new and existing line of corporate and investor relations website products please visit: http://www.q4websystems.com/Products/Overview/default.aspx.

About Q4 Web Systems (Q4)

Q4 Web Systems (Q4) is a leading provider of software for investor relations websites. Q4's customized web-based solutions enable public companies to maintain control and flexibility over corporate communications while reducing regulatory and market risks. The Q4 Web platform works with any website and includes over 30 best practice IR modules and features to help investors easily find information, subscribe to updates and share it through social networks. Automated web records and a verifiable audit trail mitigate risk and ensure high quality disclosure. Q4's solutions allow issuers to reduce costs and build better relationships with stakeholders. To learn more please visit www.q4websystems.com or Q4's blog at www.q4blog.com.

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