October 01, 2007 08:00 ET

QUMAS Announces ProcessCompliance 2.5 for Reliable Business Process Management and Control

Organizations Enhance Overall Regulatory Compliance and Benefit From the Cost Savings and Revenue Opportunities That Improved Processes Bring

FLORHAM PARK, NJ--(Marketwire - October 1, 2007) - QUMAS, the leading provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, today announced the availability of QUMAS ProcessCompliance™ 2.5. The latest version of QUMAS ProcessCompliance provides significant usability enhancements that make it easier to automate business processes while providing the built-in controls to assure that company resources are aligned to execute critical corporate strategies. In particular, ProcessCompliance enables companies to deploy a true closed-loop compliance solution that can hold up to the strictest audits by regulatory bodies. QUMAS ProcessCompliance can be used as an out-of-the box solution or mapped specifically to automate and enforce an organization's existing business processes in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Customers realize efficiencies and cost savings from the increased transparency, process refinement, and centralization of data inherent to business process management software.

QUMAS ProcessCompliance components include the following:

--  Fully integrated data dictionary
--  Business rules engine
--  Configurable forms builder
--  Highly scalable workflow engine and reports

"Process management is a critical component of a GRC solution," explained Kevin O'Leary, CEO of QUMAS. "The powerful capabilities of ProcessCompliance give customers more control over business processes, enhance regulatory compliance as well as deliver the ability to accurately identify and swiftly respond to problem areas. The recent usability enhancements translate to a system that is easy and flexible enough for departmental solutions but that can scale to the demands of the enterprise."

QUMAS ProcessCompliance, in combination with QUMAS DocCompliance, eliminates disparate silos of information that can be created from various compliance solutions put in place that address only one regulation. By centralizing the management of all regulatory content and the associated change control processes companies can consistently enforce standards across multiple locations. QUMAS ProcessCompliance can be used to manage a wide variety of processes across diverse industries including -- Audits, IT change control, event tracking and resolution, License and registrations tracking, CAPAs, Quality checks, customer complaints and many others.

Key features include:

--  Scalable, web-based solution
--  Supports the creation and management of processes for monitoring,
    controls, remediation and investigations
--  Provides robust workflow capabilities
--  Comprehensive issue tracking -- a fully closed-loop system drives
    issue resolution
--  Extensive reporting capabilities through integration with Crystal
--  Seamless integration with all controlled documentation in QUMAS
--  Secure Audit Trail means the organization is always 'audit-ready'
--  Built-in electronic signatures, and compliance with predicate rule
    requirements for effective electronic records management
--  Flexibility and configurability -- the solution adapts to existing
    structures, ensuring best practices are standardized enterprise-wide
--  Enhanced usability and integration support

"QUMAS DocCompliance and ProcessCompliance are proving to be incredibly valuable tools for us," said Dawn Porter, Process Analyst for Hollister. "We now have a single repository for all of our compliance documents and the ability to track and audit the lifecycles of documents. This has resulted in faster access to information, as well as faster approvals for documents."


With over a decade of experience, QUMAS is the only global compliance software company offering a complete solution to regulated industries. Recognized as the world leader in Enterprise, Governance, Risk and Compliance the company has over 250 customer deployments including global leaders such as Fidelity Investments.

The QUMAS solution facilitates an informed, risk-based response to compliance challenges across your business. The QUMAS Compliance Framework channels and focuses resources, providing certainty to your state of compliance as well as meaningful reporting to stakeholders. The result is an optimized closed-loop compliance environment.

The QUMAS Compliance Suite™ provides an end-to-end compliance solution framework that enables organizations to achieve a continuous state of compliance. QUMAS delivers fully integrated Policy and Procedure definition together with business process enforcement, extensive monitoring and reporting facilities that help organizations improve their overall business performance.

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