QuIC Financial Technologies

QuIC Financial Technologies

July 02, 2009 10:00 ET

QuIC Financial Technologies' QuIC Analyzer™ Earning Rapid Market Adoption

QuIC Analyzer Enriches User Experience For Risk Management, Optimising Critical Decision Making Processes

VANCOUVER, CANADA--(Marketwire - July 2, 2009) - QuIC Financial Technologies Inc, a global solutions provider of risk management, pricing and financial analytics, today announced that QuIC Analyzer(TM) is quickly gaining market traction as an easy-to-use, powerful GUI. Many QuIC clients have incorporated QuIC Analyzer into their overall risk management solutions, and demand for QuIC Analyzer is growing rapidly.

Designed for risk management professionals who rely on rapid, concise risk calculations, QuIC Analyzer revolutionises the way users view, analyze and report data, enabling them to perform comprehensive data analysis and make critical decisions that affect a bank's global operations.

"With the powerful ability to calculate, visualise and troubleshoot in-depth problems on demand, QuIC Analyzer is a critical component of any risk infrastructure," said Nigel Cairns, President and CEO for QuIC. "It's clear that our clients have embraced QuIC Analyzer's wider, multi-dimensional, and interactive view of the risks that affect their portfolio."

"In keeping with our flexible technology strategy, QuIC Analyzer can easily be incorporated into a bank's existing reporting infrastructure," added Tony Coppellotti, CTO for QuIC. "The growing adoption of QuIC Analyzer in the industry is a testament to the dedication of our team to continuously develop solutions that meet the demands of our global clientele."

QuIC Analyzer provides users unparalleled visibility and usability into market and credit risk calculations and data analysis. By incorporating a data visualisation solution from Advanced Visual Systems (AVS), a leading data visualisation consultancy, QuIC Analyzer allows risk management personnel to manage and visualise multi-dimensional calculation results and create consistent report views.

According to Steve Sukman, Executive Vice President at Advanced Visual Systems, "QuIC's use of data visualisation is a compelling example of how combining rich graphics with interactive techniques allows decision makers to easily explore and quickly understand complex data. Our studies reveal that user experience increases significantly when data visualisation is incorporated into a decision support system-and exponentially when interactivity allows users to actually reach out and touch the data."

As a single application that performs calculation analysis and visualisation, QuIC Analyzer delivers an improved user experience while satisfying the rigorous requirements for risk intelligence essential in today's increasingly complex and sophisticated risk infrastructures.

About QuIC Financial Technologies, Inc.

QuIC is a global solutions provider for risk management, pricing and financial analytics. The QuIC Product Suite features an exceptionally fast vector-based calculation and simulation platform for pricing, risk management and financial analytics. Built with fully open technology, the QuIC Product Suite integrates easily with in-house and partner systems and operates in diverse environments, from a single laptop to large distributed grids. QuIC technology is delivered on a shared calculation fabric available to multiple recipients throughout the enterprise, allowing risk management professionals to collaborate in developing new analytics strategies and technology solutions.


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