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Quadra Mining Ltd.

July 13, 2009 09:02 ET

Quadra Announces Second Quarter 2009 Production Results

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 13, 2009) - Quadra Mining Ltd. ("Quadra" or "the Company") (TSX:QUA) announces the production results for the second quarter of 2009 from its two 100% owned operating assets, the Robinson Mine ("Robinson") located in Ely, Nevada and the Carlota Mine ("Carlota") located in Globe-Miami, Arizona. Combined production was below expectation with 29.7 million pounds of copper and 18,031 ounces of gold produced for the three months ended June 30, 2009. As a result, 2009 production guidance for both Robinson and Carlota has been revised as per the discussion provided below.


Robinson produced 22.9 million pounds of copper and 18,031 ounces of gold during the second quarter of 2009. Quarterly production results were lower than expected because of the inability to access hypogene ore in the Veteran pit which was required to blend with the supergene ore from the Wedge pit - a strategy that has historically improved metallurgical performance. Access to the hypogene ore was limited throughout the quarter, due to concerns with the stability of the north pit wall in Veteran by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), the Federal enforcement agency responsible for safety and health in US mines. The operations team has subsequently agreed upon a plan with MSHA to resolve these issues, taking measures that include some changes to the pit design and increasing monitoring and fence protection. While mining of the hypogene ore in Veteran will resume in the third quarter allowing continuation of the blending strategy, production guidance for copper has been reduced slightly with the mine now expected to produce approximately 130 million pounds of copper. Gold production guidance of 100,000 ounces remains unchanged for the year.

Copper sales from Robinson for the second quarter were 24.2 million pounds as a result of the lower concentrate production and the timing of shipments. The increasing copper price during the quarter will result in positive provisional pricing and mark to market adjustments to prior quarter sales.

Key operating and sales metrics are shown below:

Robinson Operation Q3 2008 Q4 2008 Q1 2009 Q2 2009 LTM(i)
Operating Metrics:
Copper production
(Million lbs) 38.6 34.5 36.7 22.9 132.7
Gold production (ozs) 30,629 26,913 34,649 18,031 110,222
Waste mined
(Tonnes 000's) 14,263 13,527 8,379 11,606 47,775
Ore milled
(Tonnes 000's) 3,489 3,358 3,407 3,165 13,505
Copper grade (%) 0.64 0.69 0.65 0.58 0.64
Gold grade (g/t) 0.42 0.48 0.42 0.25 0.39
Copper recovery (%) 78.7 68.1 75.4 56.3 69.5
Gold recovery (%) 65.8 52.2 75.4 70.4 64.4

Sales Metrics:
Copper sales
(Million lbs) 40.4 29.2 34.5 24.2 128.3
Copper price at
end of period
($US/lb) (2) $ 2.91 $ 1.33 $ 1.83 $ 2.32 $ 2.32

Provisionally priced
copper(1) -
beginning of
period (Million lbs) 51.8 51.0 43.2 27.7 51.8
Average settlement
price for prior
period sales
subject to final
pricing during
period ($US/lb) $ 3.44 $ 1.83 $ 1.56 $ 2.14 $ 3.14

Gold sales (ozs) 35,151 22,844 30,258 23,152 111,405
Average gold price
during period
($US/oz) (3) $ 869 $ 796 $ 908 $ 922 $ 874

(i) Last twelve months

(1) Copper that has been sold but has not been subject to final pricing.
Under current sales contracts, final pricing for copper sales is
generally set at least four months after the time of shipment
(2) The average price used to value provisionally priced copper
(3) Average daily price of the London am/pm fix


Carlota produced 6.8 million pounds of copper during the second quarter. Production was below mine plan estimates in part because of lower than scheduled ore mined and in part because of lower than planned leaching rates. Ore mined was lower than scheduled as additional work required on the ultimate pit wall above the Pinto Creek Diversion delayed access to higher grade ore, requiring the reallocation of mining equipment to complete the diversion on schedule. The shortfall year to date is approximately 1 million tons of higher grade ore for the leach pad. Irrigation rates (flow of solution through the rock) have been 20 % lower than anticipated due to the segregation of fines during the stacking procedures. The operation has subsequently revised ore stacking procedures and is adding equipment to potentially improve flow rates through the upper leach pad surface. These changes, as well as access to the higher grade ore now scheduled for the third and fourth quarter, are expected to improve copper production going forward into 2010. However the expected production for 2009 has now been reduced from 50 million to approximately 35 million pounds.

Key operating and sales metrics are shown below.


Carlota Operation Q1 2009 Q2 2009 YTD
Operating Metrics:
Copper production (Million lbs) 6.6 6.8 13.4
Waste mined (Tonnes 000's) 4,518 4,997 9,515
Ore placed (Tonnes 000's) 1,732 1,325 3,057
Copper grade (%) 0.25 0.29 0.27

Sales Metrics:
Copper cathode sales (Million lbs) 5.9 7.9 13.8
Average realized price for the period $1.49 $2.01 $1.79


Although the development schedule for the Franke Project has been impacted by pond construction quality issues and a structural design issue with the primary crusher feed system, mining has commenced in the Franke pit, the operating team is in place and first cathode production is still expected in Q3 2009.

Paul Blythe, President & CEO of Quadra said, "Both of our operations have encountered some challenges this past quarter and while disappointing, they are not altogether atypical. Robinson's mineralogy has always resulted in variable quarterly results but in the past year we've successfully managed this variability with ore blending strategies. As we moved into a new pit - and lost the ability to blend ore as planned from Veteran - recoveries subsequently suffered. This has had some impact on guidance, reducing our estimated production for the year by approximately 7%. Now that we have an agreed position with MSHA, and that the geotechnical issues have been resolved, we will revert to the blending strategy for the rest of the year. While progress is being made at Carlota, we have to be prepared for differences between testwork and commercial operation. Percolation challenges due to the segregation of fines are not unusual and can be resolved by developing different stacking procedures. The lower solution flow rates will increase leach times proportionally. On the positive side, evaluation work to date on material that has been leached continues to confirm that the recoveries used in the feasibility study are appropriate and should be achieved."

"At Franke we are pleased to announce that mining has commenced and that despite encountering some design and construction issues, we are on track to produce cathode copper in the third quarter. This will then be our third copper producing operation."

Paul Blythe concludes; "The copper price continued to strengthen during the quarter which will result in some positive mark-to-market adjustments when the quarterly earnings are announced, however this will be offset by the sales volume which was particularly low. Going forward we are confident in the strength of our teams at both operations who have typically shown an exceptional ability to mitigate complexities and to initiate and implement solutions."

The second quarter financial results will be announced on August 13th, 2009. Dial in details of the accompanying conference call will be issued under separate release.

About Quadra Mining Ltd. (TSX:QUA)

Quadra is a British Columbia corporation based in Vancouver and is a mining company whose principal assets are the Robinson Mine in Nevada, producing copper and gold, the Carlota Mine in Arizona, producing copper cathode, the mechanically complete Franke SX/EW heap leach project in northern Chile undergoing commissioning testing, the Sierra Gorda advanced exploration copper-molybdenum project in Chile and the Malmbjerg molybdenum development project in Greenland. The Company has the goal of becoming a mid-tier base metals development and operating company with interests in a number of advanced exploration, development and producing properties.

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- Quadra's substantial reliance on the Robinson Mine for revenues;

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- risks related to the integration of businesses and assets acquired by Quadra, including the recent acquisition of Centenario;

- inherent hazards and risks associated with mining operations;

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- uncertainties related to the competitiveness of the mining industry;

- risks associated with Quadra being subject to government regulation, including changes in regulation;

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- risks associated with Quadra's need for governmental license and permits;

- risks that Quadra's title to its property could be challenged;

- political and country risk;

- risk of water shortages and risks associated with competition for water;

- Quadra's need to attract and retain qualified personnel;

- risk of shortages of key supplies, including tires;

- increases in off-site transportation and concentrate processing costs;

- Quadra's dependence on one railroad and one port to ship copper from the Robinson Mine;

- risks associated with the mineralogy, and particularly complex mineralogy at the Robinson Mine;

- risks related to the stability of mine pit walls;

- risks related to the need for reclamation activities on Quadra's properties, including the nature of reclamation required and uncertainty of costs estimates related thereto;

- uncertainties related to the amount of funding required to achieve full production levels at the Franke Mine;

- uncertainties related to production ramp-up at the Carlota Mine;

- risks associated with costs of operating supplies, including sulphuric acid;

- inherent risks associated with existing and future litigation;

- risks associated with taxation;

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- risks associated with potential conflicts of interest;

- risks in the nature of investments; and

- risk related to hedging contracts and exposure to the credit risk of counterparties.

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