SOURCE: Quantum Bit Induction Technology, Inc.

April 29, 2008 13:25 ET

Quantum Bit Recognizes Date of Purchase

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - Quantum Bit Induction Technology, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: QBITB) announced today that it recognizes the date of purchase and a shareholder's notice of intent to convert QBII shares to Class B Stock ("QBITB") as the effective date for conversions through our corporate treasury. This policy is effective for purchases before May 28, 2008.

Every stockholder is encouraged to join the Company's Shareholder Group. Shareholder specific information, official communications and discussions are distributed through that Group. Stockholders should visit our website and follow the "Shareholder's Group" tab in the "Company" section to join the Group.

Anyone interested in Quantum Bit Induction Technology, Inc. should study the Company's very thorough website. They should join our Shareholder's Group and ask questions. Any investor planning to own a position in the Company should hold Class B Shares. Our Company and the mutually convertible dual stock classes are designed for people to benefit most by holding Class B Shares. Class B Shares may only be acquired by converting QBII Common Shares to Class B Shares. Class B Stock does not trade publicly and is better to hold versus QBII Common for a variety of reasons. Class B Stock may be converted to QBII Shares at any time by the Shareholder to access public markets.

Quantum Bit Induction Technology, Inc. continues its development work in the project areas of power, propulsion, causality, and biology. Significantly:

--  The Company has settled on design parameters and operating basis for
    its power device. The power device should release non-chemical power in
    keeping with the power project goals published on our website.
--  The Company is working on high specific impulse propulsion systems.
--  The Company continues to operate a web server on which causality
    generating technology has been deployed and to observe a steady refinement
    in specific elements of the project and the work as a whole.
--  The Company continues development of digitally cascaded negative group
    delay circuits.
--  The Company has recently completed an agreement that should
    financially and technically support the development of its human
    rejuvenation drugs.

Quantum Bit Induction Technology, Inc. is a technology developer working in speculative areas. We are a small company. It is important for any investor to understand the Company and our work, principles, mission and vision. Investment in the Company by the under informed or those that cannot afford patience in the investment is discouraged.

This press release does not contain forward-looking statements.

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