November 16, 2006 22:05 ET

Quellan's Wireless Noise Cancellation Demonstration Draws a Crowd at Mobile and Wireless Investors Summit

SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 16, 2006 -- This year's Mobile and Wireless Investors Summit was kicked off with a live demonstration of Quellan's adaptive, ultra low power Radio Frequency noise cancellation technology presented by Quellan CEO Tony Stelliga.

Viewers were amazed at the innovative technology Quellan has developed for handheld wireless devices. The demonstration showed how even the faintest GPS signals can be received in extremely noisy environments on wireless handhelds by using Quellan's noise canceling technology. This innovative technology allows faint and otherwise un-receivable signals including CDMA, XM Radio, MobileTV and GPS to be received error free by canceling the surrounding noise interference.

The conference featured keynotes from many industry luminaries including Paul Saffo, Director of the Institute for the Future, and Mr. Toshio Miki, Managing Director of NTT DoCoMo. Carriers, OEMs and investors resonated with Quellan's demonstration and the concept of fewer dropped calls.

Several other speakers commented on Quellan's ability to provide a noise free environment for the next generation wireless services, calling this new technology both novel and impressive.

"The Quellan noise cancellation is clearly a capability that would enhance Location Based Services with instant and pervasive GPS location locking. The Loopt service is more compelling when we get a good GPS fix rather than having to fail over to less accurate location technologies," said Mark Jacobstein, EVP of Loopt, a leader in Location Based Services.

New satellite and broadcast services require increased receiver sensitivity due to their extremely low RF signal levels. Quellan's products provide a noise free environment for these new services to be deployed upon yielding high customer satisfaction and increased take rates.

"Quellan is an interesting company to watch," commented Azita Arvani, a participant in the closing panel. "They can improve the reception and voice quality of handsets and minimize dead spots with the addition of a small analog chip."

Quellan specializes in analog components that improve the performance and functionality of electronic equipment by removing channel impairments and noise. Quellan serves the Enterprise, Telecom, Broadcast, Automotive and Consumer Electronics markets. Privately held, Quellan's investors include Menlo Ventures, Cordova Ventures, VentureTech/TSMC and Samsung Ventures. For more information, please contact Quellan at 408-774-0084 or

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