March 09, 2010 07:00 ET

Quit Smoking This Year With Semichem

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 9, 2010) - With no smoking day back again on 10th of March the incentive is there for smokers to finally kick the habit. There are many dangers to smoking and those who have smoked and those who still do so are well aware of how difficult it can be to quit. Many smokers have the genuine intention of quitting but struggle due to a lack of assistance.

Fortunately Semichem can help, as on top of its range of fragrances it also supplies a selection of products to help you on your way to quitting smoking for good. Semichem provide a range of NiQuitin nicotine patches proven to help reduce cigarette cravings as well as NiQuitin gum as an alternative to patches, depending on your preference. Unlike other nicotine gums, NiQuitin doesn't have the unappealing aftertaste and comes with a fresh minty flavour. For extra motivation Semichem are currently providing NiQuitin gum from as little as £1.

If you're looking to stop gradually, Semichem's range of stop smoking products also includes Crafe Away Mini Filters which can reduce your intake of tar and nicotine without changing the taste of the cigarette. They also come in a roll-up variety. The Crafe Away Cigarette can also help with the habit of smoking which can be almost as addictive as the nicotine itself.

A spokesperson for Semichem, Malcolm Figures explained: "We are all aware of the dangers of smoking, but also know how addictive it can be. At Semichem we strive to give our customers all the assistance we can to finally kick the habit. Everyone quits smoking in their own way so we maintain a range of quit smoking products from gum to patches to cater for everyone." 

Semichem has an ever growing reputation across its 143 stores and through its website it provides customers with access to a range of perfume online including Hugo Boss perfume as well as its quit smoking and beauty ranges. With 2000+ products available online, Semichem makes it as easy as possible to get exactly what you are after.

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