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RAID Incorporated

November 12, 2009 09:00 ET

RAID Inc. Announces Release of Self-Contained Compute Cluster

High-Density Modular Server Solution With 128 CPUs and 512 Cores

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - November 12, 2009) - (SC09 Booth # 445) -- RAID Incorporated, an end-to-end high-performance solutions provider specializing in leading-edge storage technologies, today announced the release of their High-Density Self-Contained Compute Cluster solution for high-performance and general computing environments.

The need to grow cores modularly and in a cost-effective manner is becoming a challenge. This solution frees customers from buying the unnecessary blade enclosure in order to add more cores. RAID Inc.'s 4-in-1 solution can be added in 2U increments, each unit containing up to 4 dual-processor Nehalem CPU system modules with an optional built-in QDR InfiniBand HCA. The 4-in-1 server nodes will stay current along Intel's future product roadmap. Each node is an independent, fully functional system that is hot-swappable and optimized with redundant power and cooling. The server nodes are fully configurable in terms of operating systems, file systems, interconnects, and drives.

In traditional implementations, protecting densely packed servers can cause IT equipment to overheat, resulting in downtime. The Rack Air Removal system in RAID's High-Density Self-Contained Compute Cluster captures exhaust heat, returns the warm air to the plenum, and eliminates hot spots from the data center. Through automatic fan speed control based upon temperature, the fans will self-adjust for optimal performance.

"RAID Inc. continues to expand its core competencies into the high-performance server space with our new compute cluster solution," stated Bob Picardi, Chief Operating Officer at RAID. "This release gives our customers the ability to purchase a single all-in-one solution for their computing needs without the typical concerns of power consumption, cooling, monitoring, and overall cost point."

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