Millennium Health Supplements (Canada) Inc.

Millennium Health Supplements (Canada) Inc.

January 10, 2007 09:53 ET


Legal Hoodia Gordonii is Available in Canada

Attention: Food/Beverage Editor, Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor, World News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, CONSUMER UPDATE--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 10, 2007) - Millennium Health Supplements (Canada) Inc. is an importer/exporter of South African all-natural products and internet retailer of HoodiaHoodia. The biggest news to come out of South Africa's herbal industry in the last 4 years is Hoodia Gordonii, the all-natural appetite suppressant. While Millennium has carried many products over the decade that they have been in business, Hoodia Gordonii has remained the flagship product since they began importing it in early 2003. Since then Millennium Health has enjoyed the benefits of being the largest exporter of 100% Pure South African Hoodia Gordonii in Western markets.

Jen Cully, President of Millennium Health says, "There has been very little real hoodia available until our harvest began and controls put in place in March of 2006. The market is saturated with fake hoodia." Ms. Cully says: "Our hoodia gordonii comes from licensed and contracted farms in South Africa. We test every single batch that comes in and we have a purity guarantee." Cully also says Millennium Health has a steady supply coming directly from South Africa and hopes that this will help to stem the flow of adulterated hoodia gordonii in the Western Market.

Cully also adds that: "you should be careful when purchasing hoodia gordonii. There is a great deal of counterfeit material on the market and it's difficult to tell the difference unless it is tested". She adds that; "Alkemists Pharmaceuticals in Costa Mesa, California is an independent testing laboratory that has experience in the testing and authenticating of Hoodia Gordonii. Alkemists tests Hoodia Gordonii using 3 individualized testing protocols that examine samples on both microscopic and chemical levels. All their testing is conducted using a university certified botanical specimen of Hoodia Gordonii as their reference voucher sample." You can view the documents at,

CITES, a UN Watchdog organization for the protection of endangered species (plant and animal), has the only controls in place for harvesting and exporting Hoodia Gordonii. Exports are under very tight control and every shipment must include documentation that proves the material is legal and licensed. Without this documentation Hoodia Gordonii cannot be exported out of South Africa and moved around in the global market. This documentation not only proves the legality of the material, but also the legitimacy, authenticity and origin of the farms that Millennium's Hoodia originates from,

There are many companies that continue to purchase from poachers and illegal distributors of black market hoodia gordonii. The authenticity of the documentation or the lack of documentation is what has kept, and will continue to keep, these Hoodia retailers from marketing their products in Canada.

Millennium Health Supplements holds contracts for more than 75% of the Hoodia Gordonii sold out of South Africa, Western Cape Province. "We sell only 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii that it is fully tested, licensed and guaranteed." Cully says, "We stay away from anything but pure Hoodia as it has been proven that extracts such as 20:1 or concentrates are not real. In addition, people should carefully read the ingredients on any product that is labelled as Hoodia Gordonii. Many products contain additives, fillers and stimulants."
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