Ontario's NDP

Ontario's NDP

October 01, 2007 09:11 ET

REALITY CHECK: Out of Touch McGuinty Has Let Down Low and Moderate Income Families

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 1, 2007) - Today, Dalton McGuinty takes his "say anything" campaign to a downtown Toronto food bank to get the votes of lower income Ontarians and those who are concerned about urban poverty.

But when he gets there, he's going to have a lot to answer for his record of having let down low income and working families:

- McGuinty has promised to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour. Why will it take another three years for fairness when it took him only 8 days to raise his salary $40,000?

- The McGuinty Liberals promised to end the clawback of the National Child Benefit Supplement, a baby bonus for low income families. Four years later: it's still being taken from Ontario's poorest families. Why should families believe his promise to end it now when he failed to end it for four long years?

- Dalton McGuinty promised to increase social assistance rates to match the cost-of-living - then he froze them in his second budget - leaving people surviving on ODSP worse off in real terms today than when the Conservatives were in power. How did Dalton McGuinty find the money to proceed with a $400 million capital tax cut but he couldn't find money to keep his promise?

Everyday Ontarians know that the only way to make sure Dalton McGuinty doesn't let them down again is to vote NDP.

Tonight, community organizations and cultural groups have organized a "Vote Out Poverty" event at Massey Hall to raise awareness of the need for a poverty reduction strategy for Ontario. Howard Hampton will be attending along with keynote speaker and former Ontario NDP leader Stephen Lewis. Dalton McGuinty won't be attending.

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