November 26, 2007 16:16 ET

RESULTS Canada: Canada's Commitment to Save a Million Lives is a Positive Step

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 26, 2007) - Canada's leadership on a new foreign aid "Initiative to Save a Million Lives" deserves praise and is a step in the right direction according to RESULTS Canada, a grassroots citizens' advocacy group committed to creating the political will to end poverty.

"The government deserves to be acknowledged for taking the lead on this important initiative to save lives and strengthen health systems in Africa," said RESULTS Canada National Coordinator, Chris Dendys. "We are optimistic that this announcement opens the door to substantial future investments that will ensure Canada meets its foreign aid commitments and cements Canada's position as a global leader on child survival."

The Save a Million Lives Initiative, announced by the Prime Minister in Tanzania today, commits Canada to $105 million over five years to a new global $500 million fund to support cost-effective, life saving interventions directed at children in Africa and Asia. The bold goal of this new global initiative is to save a million children's lives.

"This is exactly the type of focused, effective aid that has measurable impact and that should be a cornerstone of Canada's foreign aid strategy," said Chris Dendys. "It builds on initiatives that CIDA does best - initiatives centered on poverty reduction, health interventions, and on alleviating suffering."

The Prime Minister has committed to increasing Canada's foreign aid budget to the average level of the world's other rich countries, currently about 0.42% of Gross National Income, and has also promised to double Canada's aid to Africa. The expansion of the aid envelope is crucial - and this initiative is a perfect example of where that increased aid can and should be directed.

RESULTS Canada is a national grassroots network of volunteers committed to creating the political will to end poverty.

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