April 29, 2008 08:58 ET

RF Code Introduces On-Demand Inventory for an Enterprise's Servers, Laptops, PCs

Using Active RFID Technology, the Solution Automates Asset Inventory Tracking in the Data Center and Throughout the Distributed Organization

AUSTIN, TX and LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - RF Code, Inc., a leader in automating physical asset management, today announced the availability of an IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution that automatically collects and consolidates device-specific location information from active RFID-tagged computers and network devices. Consisting of the company's Zone Manager™ location engine and new active RFID tags and readers, the solution provides real-time tracking, location monitoring and physical conditional status of critical data center servers and distributed enterprise assets, including computers, storage devices, network hardware and test equipment.

An improvement over traditional asset tracking -- now done manually with bar coding or passive RFID tracking -- the new solution gives the customers real-time visibility needed to generate on-demand IT inventory audit reports. In addition, customers also have the ability to link real-time equipment data to enterprise information systems to help meet SOX or General Accounting Office (GAO) compliance. The result is a huge reduction in the time and cost it takes to have a full accounting of all enterprise physical IT assets. (For an estimated ROI calculation of how much it costs your organization to track its physical assets, go to

NCR has recently integrated RF Code's solution into its TransitionWorks platform. According to NCR Vice President and General Manager for AIDC Solutions Donna A. Wright, "TransitionWorks is leveraging RF Code to quickly enhance a business process -- in this case, inventory of IT assets. RF Code has made it easy to take advantage of active RFID information, which enables us to offer heightened visibility into asset inventory."

"Manual IT inventory and audit processes divert precious resources from critical business projects and expose large organizations to an assortment of security and compliance risks," said RF Code CEO Mitch Medford. "Today at Interop, we are changing the traditional asset tracking process by giving everyone in the tracking food chain -- from the CFO and CIO's office to the maintenance shop to the data center -- complete, accurate and up to the minute visibility into physical IT asset inventory."

At the show, RF Code is introducing three new Active RFID tags for the IT asset tracking market: its new M130 Thin Tag, designed for tracking laptops and desktop PCs; its wearable M140 Badge Tag, used to locate employees and match them to their assigned computers; and its M150 Temperature Tag, which tracks and monitors temperature-sensitive computing assets.

Deployed in combination with RF Code's Zone Manager software, these new tags automate enterprise change control processes, enhance physical security programs and provide on-demand IT asset audits. When paired with RF Code's asset tracking solutions for corporate data centers, the new tags contribute to a flexible solution that empowers enterprise managers with new levels of asset visibility for their most expensive and sensitive computing equipment. The solution also tracks mobile IT assets that move outside the data center for maintenance, repair or for end-of-lease decommissioning.

RF Code will host a live demonstration of its asset tracking tags and Zone Manager software system in booth 702 at Interop Las Vegas ( April 31-May 2, 2008 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

About the M130 Thin Tag

The 433 MHz Thin Tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter that attaches to items that need to be tracked located or identified. Each tag broadcasts its unique ID and a status message every two seconds that is processed by RF Code's intelligent active RFID readers. With their low profile and rounded edges, M130 Thin Tags are specifically designed for tracking IT equipment and shareable resources such as laptop computers that slide into carrying cases and frequently move between different locations. For more information, click here

About the M140 Badge Tag

The 433 MHz M140 Badge Tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter that can be clipped onto an article of clothing or worn around the neck with a lanyard. The new Badge Tags are specifically designed for tracking personnel and their interaction with tagged assets. Alternately, when used with an RF Code Reader and portal antenna system, the badge tag can function to track entrance and exits to a particular work site or controlled area. For more information, click here

About the M150 Temperature Tag

The 433 MHz R150 Rack Temperature Tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter that monitors temperature-sensitive assets in IT racks to an accuracy within 2° F of accuracy (in environments ranging from 50° F to 130° F). Periodically reporting its unique ID along with the ambient temperature observed by the tag, the R150 is ideal for use in data centers and for monitoring sensitive technical equipment. For more information, click here

About Zone Manager

Zone Manager is intelligent software that provides zone-level location of RF Code asset tags in real-time. By collecting and analyzing tag and reader data, Zone Manager determines the rack-level or zone-level location of each asset. Zone Manager's programmatic and subscription interfaces allow external applications to easily obtain rack inventory data either via queries or via receive immediate updates as location changes occur. A user-configurable, rules-based software engine works in concert with RF Code's active RFID readers to provide zone-level asset tag location data both inside and outside the data center. For more information, click here

RF Code's active RFID tags, readers and Zone Manager software is offered for sales through the company's network of IT systems integrators, solution providers and OEMs.

About RF Code, Inc.

RF Code automates the ability to discover, track and monitor high-value physical assets across the enterprise. Using the company's award-winning platform for active RFID, customers know instantly and on demand the precise location of each individual asset. This spares them the high cost, time intensity, and compliance risk of a manual inventory.

RF Code and its world-class roster of global partners develop solutions used in demanding industry environments including IT, healthcare, defense, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transportation and homeland security.

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