November 22, 2005 08:25 ET

ROO to Expand Online Long Format Video Programming Offering

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 22, 2005 -- ROO (OTC BB: RGRP), an online video broadcaster, today announced it will be increasing its long format online video offering to its network of affiliate websites. Responding to increased consumer acceptance and demand for longer length online video content, ROO will be producing and licensing new content that complements its existing library of long format videos.

A pioneer in online video, ROO currently offers long format programming in 15- to 20-minute segments made up of interviews from today's hottest artists and celebrities such as Coldplay, Garbage and Rob Thomas (formerly of Matchbox 20). ROO traditionally has edited the segments into shorter clips to meet prior online consumer expectations for short format programming and to give advertisers a greater exposure by running advertisements in between segments. Users can view the content either by watching clips of the sessions individually or by using ROO's play list functionality to view an entire program sequentially.

"Long format content has always been a core component of our online broadcasting strategy and our internal research clearly demonstrates that consumers are now ready to embrace it," said ROO CEO Robert Petty. "It is evident that the online video model has clearly evolved to accommodate and embrace longer video content."

ROO has seen a steady rise in the average time consumers view videos on its dedicated video site ROO TV ( as well as its network of more than 100 affiliate websites that include Verizon's Broadband Beat ( and ( Web surfers watching ROO's library of more than 7,000 entertainment and informational videos now average online sessions of 15 to 20 minutes in length, more than double the average session six months ago. ROO attributes this significant increase to growing consumer acceptance of online video as well as to its recently launched sixth generation internet broadcasting platform that streams DVD quality video in a TV-like viewing environment, allowing videos to be expanded to fill the entire screen without any loss in video quality.

As a result of these trends ROO will continue to aggressively produce and acquire long format content. Advertisers on the ROO network will see the immediate benefit of long format due to the increased sponsorship options including the opportunity to exclusively sponsor entire programs. ROO's partner web sites will benefit by being able to offer more compelling content to retain visitors on the site for longer durations and increase their return rate.

ROO is a leading online broadcaster delivering up to 45 million videos per month through its network of over 100 affiliate web sites. ROO generates revenue through in-stream TV style ads broadcast during user selected on-demand content. Recent advertisers on the ROO network include Pfizer, Microsoft, Sprint/Nextel, Proctor & Gamble, Honda and Hyundai.


ROO is a global provider of digital media solutions and technology that enables the activation, marketing and distribution of digital media video content over the Internet and emerging broadcasting platforms such as set top boxes and wireless. ROO offers turnkey video solutions for businesses seeking to improve their web presence with video broadcasts or broadcast their own latest video clips. ROO helps business advertise their latest offering with interactive advertising solutions, 15-30 second video commercials with a linked call to action and played simultaneously with topical video content in a television style format over the Internet. More information can be obtained from ROO's web site located at

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