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November 30, 2007 16:08 ET

R&R Consulting Announces Film Box Office Revenue Database

Film Score Is Not a Musical Event

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 30, 2007) - R&R Consulting has begun work on a database model to predict aggregate first-run U.S. Box office revenues for independent movies. This is the first-step in the development of an advanced system of financial securitization for independent film production. The project, called Film Score, is part of the R&R Consulting mission to bring the same high standards of precision and dependability of the engineering disciplines to the capital markets.

The objective of Film Score is to underpin a $75-80 million securitization that would extend financing to small-budget films that currently cannot access bank financing. The project seeks to create a predictive model for determining a film's financial risks.

"Indie directors spend most of their time fundraising when they could be directing," said Sylvain Raynes, co-founder and R&R Consulting principal. "The indie film conduit coupled with a term securitization take-out could help them do that."

Founded in 2000 by Sylvain Raynes and Ann Rutledge, R&R Consulting provides training, professional dialogue, independent model validation and transaction structuring consultancy. R&R designs reliable risk management systems utilizing structures drawn from the best practices of cybernetics and the science of communication and control. The metrics underlying Film Score belong to R&R's PrecisionMetrics™ risk measurement products suite.

Film Score predicts revenues for independent films by quantifying value elements in the selection of screenwriters, directors, producers, actors, and the script itself. With those identified factors, a database of nearly 500 indie films is currently being developed to quantify the several dozen variables identified as most crucial to the film's financial viability. Once combined, the model and the database will be able to predict revenues from a targeted film's first U.S. release.

"Typically, a filmmaker tries to raise funding with nothing more to display than an idea," explains Dennis Toth, a former film critic, museum curator and consultant to the project. "Film Score will actually provide the kind of hard information that potential financial backers want."

Designed for productions costing less than $30 million, Film Score will help filmmakers find permanent financing for the production of new films and share in their own success. It will be most widely used by projects that already have a developed script and talent attached. However, the database will not require specific names of actors or directors because only the profile of the different participants will be used as variables.

Film Score will provide a viable means of more accurately accessing a film project by way of statistical models and solid factual information. The ultimate objective of precision-tool finance in parsing risk and capital more finely is to "discover" new sources of capital for arts and society.

The database is currently in development. For more information, go to the web at or contact R&R at:

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