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May 31, 2007 09:00 ET

Radial to Production Test Huaya 100-2X Well -- Updates Field Development Plans

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - May 31, 2007) - Radial Energy Inc. (OTCBB: RENG) ("Radial" or the "Company") wishes to advise that it is preparing to mobilize for the production test of the Huaya 100-2X well after confirming a window of availability for Schlumberger and BJ Hughes crews and equipment to be moved to the site starting June 7th. The 2X well reached total depth of 305.1 meters (1,001 feet) on May 3rd and is part of the Huaya anticline which, according to a recent assessment provided by 3rd party engineers, shows the proved (P90) undeveloped reserves for the structure as 15,300,000 gross barrels of 39° API gravity oil.

Radial will initially test the Middle Vivian zone. This zone, from 275.0 to 280.0 meters, encountered a gas increase during drilling of 100-110 ppm, with very high resistivity, 24-29% porosity and a similar Density-Neutron response to the upper zone.

The operator plans to run into the hole with a 4 3/4-inch bit to 970 feet and then rig up Schlumberger and run the CBL/CCL logs from clean out depth to surface and set a packer at 790 feet. The well is planned to be perforated in the Middle Vivian zone from 888 to 895 feet (270 - 272 m). After installation of wellhead valves, pressure gauge, recorder, choke, and hook-up to production tank, the operator will flow test the well, recording volumes, oil/water percentages, and pressures.

The production test procedure is estimated to take 2 days. With a successful test of the Middle Vivian zone, the well will be prepared for production and the rig will then move to the Huaya 100-1X well to test the Upper Vivian zone.

The Upper Vivian zone was encountered in both the Huaya 100-1X and 2X wells, with electric logs indicating 14 and 12 feet of potential oil pay respectively. The 1X well reached final total depth of 282 meters (926 feet) on March 17th, and was logged by Schlumberger on March 18th. The well encountered the primary target Vivian Sandstone at 807 feet (318 feet below sea level). The operator reported that an oil bearing zone has been identified 246 to 250.2 feet, reporting strong, flowing, bright yellow oil fluorescence in the drilling mud, a gas show of 120 parts per million (ppm) over background gas of 30 ppm, and neutron density log interpretation indicating hydrocarbons. The oil water contact in the 1X and 2X wells correlates to the oil-water contact in the offset Huaya 4X discovery well (which production tested 39° API gravity oil), indicating reservoir communication between the three wells.

At the 1X well, 8-inch casing has been set to 425 feet and cemented in place. 4-1/2 inch casing and 2-inch production tubing, to be used for the production test, has been shipped and is scheduled to arrive at the port of Lima on June 10th. The operator intends to rig up on the 1X well as soon as possible after the production tests are completed on the 2X well.

According to Radial CEO, Leigh Lyons, "With the availability of our major service providers confirmed as of June 7th we are now ready to perform the production tests of the prospective zones in the Upper and Middle Vivian formation. In anticipation of successful tests, we have also begun plans to drill our third well, the Huaya 100-5X. Upon the drilling of that well, Radial will have accomplished its primary responsibility in the exploratory phase of the project and as such, the financial arrangements between Radial and its operator and partners shifts favorably downwards to where Radial will henceforth undertake only a proportionate share of capital costs to develop the field."

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