Radio IP Software Inc.

Radio IP Software Inc.

May 27, 2009 10:34 ET

Radio IP Software to Present and Demonstrate Future Directions in Mobile VPN at the 2009 TETRA World Congress

Concurrent VPN technology will make it possible to simultaneously and securely access multiple wireless networks while maintaining a reliable and continuous connection

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - May 27, 2009) - Radio IP Software, Inc., a leader in mission-critical mobile data connectivity solutions, will demonstrate a strategic advancement in current Mobile VPN (virtual private network) technology at the 2009 TETRA World Congress and Critical Communications Congress, both held in Munich, Germany, from May 26th to 29th.

In the conference session, "Integrating TETRA with other communication technologies to deliver mission-critical data", the company will explain how to optimize a TETRA network in the context of the company's forthcoming Concurrent VPN technology, a next-generation Mobile VPN connectivity solution.

Mobile VPN technology is evolving rapidly to account for the considerable increase in the types and amount of critical data mobile workers utilize-accessing video, images and biometrics at the same time-and is fueling the demand for higher speed and flexibility.

"Today, mobile workforces are able to roam from one network to another, but are not able to access both at the same time. With our new Concurrent VPN technology, users will be able to take advantage of multiple networks simultaneously, saving time and money," says Patrick Tabourin, Director of Marketing and Product Management at Radio IP Software.

Concurrent VPN technology

The Concurrent VPN technology developed by Radio IP Software allows users to not only seamlessly roam from one network to the other, but also utilize several wireless networks at the same time and continuously. Concurrent VPN bridges the best features of multiple networks to achieve a high level of performance, reliability and trusted access.

With Radio IP Software's Concurrent VPN applications can be matched to technologies. For example, mission-critical data applications like computer-aided dispatch (CAD) are always ensured to transmit over the most reliable wireless network available. Applications with less severe security and resilience requirements can use any other wireless network such as public cellular or broadband. For instance, high quality video streaming requires high bandwidth and should be able to concurrently transfer data over 3G or WiFi networks without impacting applications that are transmitting over mission-critical PMR systems such as TETRA or P25.

Mobile workers who depend on mission-critical data, such as police officers or other emergency responders, will continue to be able to leverage a wide variety of wireless data networks, including PMR (IP and non-IP), public cellular, broadband and satellite. Furthermore, the Concurrent VPN technology will maintain roaming and routing capabilities in order to switch automatically to a secondary network when the primary network is not available.

"Concurrent VPN technology solves network availability issues and permits multiple and parallel network usage. If one network is not available, the system simply roams to another, effortlessly and seamlessly. This means public safety organizations and other mobile workforces can both maximize their infrastructure resources and improve mobility and productivity," added Mr. Tabourin.

See Concurrent VPN technology in action

Radio IP Software will be demonstrating the Concurrent VPN technology in Booth C104 of the TETRA World Congress being held at the International Congress Centre in Munich, Germany, from May 26th-29th, 2009.

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Radio IP Software's portfolio of mobile data connectivity software helps to overcome the performance, security and connectivity challenges associated with wireless networks. The result is secure mobile access and faster mission response time. The technology enables mobile users to seamlessly roam in a diverse range of networking environments - professional mobile radio (PMR), cellular data (3G), satellite and mobile broadband - under a single interoperable TCP/IP standard. Ideally suited for organizations whose mobile workforces depend on mission-critical data, Radio IP Software's customers are primarily in the public safety, utility, mobile government, military, private security and transportation sectors. The company partners with industry leaders in wireless network infrastructure, cellular networks, global satellite networks as well as mobile device vendors, application vendors and solution integrators. For more information, visit the company at or call +1 514-890-6070.

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