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Rapid Diagnostics Testing Lies at a Crossroads

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwire - November 9, 2009) - has announced the addition of Kalorama Information's new report "Point of Care Diagnostics 2010 and Beyond: Rapid Testing at a Crossroads," to their collection of In Vitro Diagnostics market reports. For more information, visit

As Kalorama Information's lead diagnostic analyst finds, the point of care concept is at a crossroads: the technologies needed to make rapid testing a reality have arrived. But is healthcare ready?

Kalorama believes that the drive for wellness and the attention surrounding healthcare reform will focus attention on rapid diagnostics. However, according to Shara Rosen, RT, M.B.A., there are many challenges which must be overcome for point of care solutions to be fully utilized, and those companies willing to pivot strategies and best adjust to tomorrow's healthcare marketplace may be rewarded.

This report, "Point of Care Diagnostics 2010: Rapid Testing at a Crossroads" represents the most current analysis of the role POC Diagnostics in today's in vitro industry. Other reports have looked at products, companies and revenue numbers, as this report does. But in her analysis Shara Rosen takes a bold look into the markets, technologies, and trends in decentralized testing with a special focus on the economics of rapid test use in critical care and emergency medicine. The report includes:

--  Markets for POC Diagnostics (Diabetes, Cardiac markers, Clinical
    Chemistry/Critical Care, Hematology, Coagulation, Drugs of
    Abuse/Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Infectious Diseases,
    Pharmacodiagnostics, Sepsis, Oncology, Women's health /
--  By Venue Revenue Estimates for Hospital POC, Physician POC and Other
--  Review of Products in the Market
--  Forecasts to 2013
--  Markets and Forecasts for Self-Testing (OTC)
--  The role of EMR in the Point of Care Market
--  Possible Effects of Healthcare Reform
--  POLs, Home Monitoring, Alternate Samples and Other Trends
--  Successful Strategies of POC Companies
--  Profiles of Over 100 Companies Competing in this Market

There are many factors in the growth of POC testing -- increasing numbers of diagnosed diabetics, people with cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions. It is also expected to play a role in a trend in health care to evaluate provider organizations for quality in care delivery. While this quality imperative is most apparent in pay-for-performance systems, it also provides a framework by which public funds can be used more rationally. This is an especially relevant technology given the U.S. healthcare reform efforts.

All countries are feeling the brunt of aging populations and an increased burden of chronic disease management. Employers and insurance companies are interested in improving the health of customers, and there are some innovative tactics developing in this area. The report is conservative in its predictions and offers a calculated look into the future, based on events currently taking place.

The report offers a quantitative assessment of specific markets in US dollars for 2008 and forecasted out to 2013. These data are provided in order to set the status quo of tests and technologies. However the report concentrates on how these will impact the economics of healthcare over the near term and longer when possible.

As part of Kalorama Information's comprehensive coverage, the following companies are discussed:

--  23andMe
--  3M Health Care
--  77 Elektronika
--  Menarini
--  A/C Diagnostics
--  Abaxis, Inc.
--  Abbott Diagnostics
--  ABTECH Scientific
--  Accumetrics
--  ACIST Medical
--  Acrongenomics Inc.
--  Adeza Biomedical
--  Aerscher Diagnostics
--  AgaMetrix, Inc.
--  Alfa Scientific
--  Alverix Inc.
--  American Bio Medica
--  (Click on link for more....)

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