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October 18, 2005 10:44 ET

Rare Frank Zappa Video Out Just in Time for Halloween: 1982's "Dub Room Special" on DVD for First Time Ever on October 18

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 18, 2005 -- Eagle Rock Entertainment, the leading independent source for high quality music audio/visual programming, today will release Frank Zappa's "Dub Room Special," an extremely rare TV special comprising two live performances from one of Rock's great individuals. Previously released on VHS and Beta and only available through mail order, this will be the first time the program is widely distributed and available on DVD.

Zappa's unparalleled abilities as a composer, guitarist, and absurdist/social commentator run rampant on "The Dub Room Special" -- and it is a unique window on his willingness to push the envelope of what is possible no matter how improbable. Selections from two separate concerts, one, called "A Token of His Extreme," shot in 1974 at Los Angeles public television station KCET and one in 1981 filmed at his annual New York Halloween show, are interspersed with then-cutting edge claymation/stop motion animation from Bruce Bickford and assorted comedy bits.

It seems that, in lieu of a New York Halloween show in 1982, Zappa resolved instead to create a television special that would prove to be of immense interest to his hardcore fans. So the "Dub Room Special" was shown on Halloween 1982 at the Ritz in New York City. Not tame enough for TV and too far out for video stores that were only interested in movies and specialty children or adult content, it was later released on Zappa's uniquely conceived Honker Home Video label in VHS and Beta, through mail order only.

Both the performances excerpted in "The Dub Room Special" feature fearsome musicianship from Zappa, as well as his band members, each of whom had to meet his exacting standards. The 1974 band includes keyboardist George Duke, a fusion great, and drummer Chester Thompson, who would go on to play with Phil Collins. The 1981 band features guitar whiz Steve Vai, who would go on to stardom with David Lee Roth, Whitesnake and a burgeoning solo career.

Since 1966, Zappa had established himself as perhaps the most fearless musician known to popular music. He incorporated modern classical music, blazing rock and blues and doo wop, guitar solos he called "air sculpture" and an extremely cynical point of view to forge a legacy that remains completely unique 12 years after his death. Zappa was inducted posthumously to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 at which time they refused to play his music.

Track Listing:

1.  "Dog Breath Variations"/"Uncle Meat" (from KCET Studios, Los Angeles,
2.  "Room Service" (from KCET Studios, Los Angeles, 1974)
3.  "Nig Biz" (from The Palladium, NYC, Halloween, 1981)
4.  "Approximate" (from KCET Studios, Los Angeles, 1974)
5.  "Cosmic Debris" (from KCET Studios, Los Angeles, 1974)
6.  "Cocaine Decisions" (from The Palladium, NYC, Halloween, 1981)
7.  "Montana" (from KCET Studios, Los Angeles, 1974)
8.  "Tengo Na Minchia Tanta" (song from the Dub Room, 1982)
9.  "Florentine Pogen" (from KCET Studios, Los Angeles, 1974)
10. "Stevie's Spanking" (from The Palladium, NYC, Halloween, 1981)
11. "Stinkfoot" (from KCET Studios, Los Angeles, 1974)
12. "Flakes" (from The Palladium, NYC, Halloween, 1981)
13. "Inca Roads" (from KCET Studios, Los Angeles, 1974)
14. "Easy Meat" (from The Palladium, NYC, Halloween, 1981)
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