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August 27, 2010 16:30 ET

Raven Industries Announces Release of Eight New Products

SIOUX FALLS, SD--(Marketwire - August 27, 2010) -   Raven Industries (NASDAQ: RAVN) is excited to announce the release of eight new products this fall. "The products we're introducing this year solidify our commitment to offering a complete line-up of precision products that will benefit growers and custom applicators in every stage of the season, from planting to harvest and help maximize yields while giving a great return on their investment." -- Matt Burkhart, Raven Industries Applied Technology Division Vice President and General Manager.

OmniRow™ planter control system. The OmniRow planter control system utilizes a unique, patent pending hydraulic motor control unit unlike anything on the market today, eliminating the need to have an electric or air-clutch on every single row, giving both control and section shut off with a single unit. OmniRow gives a grower the ability to control population, either manually or based off prescription map, seed monitoring and singulation, and automatic section shut off. The system can be configured by sections or even down to the individual row for both control and section shutoff. Operators with existing factory installed or aftermarket clutches will be able to benefit from this new technology as well, without having to start over with a completely new system. OmniRow is available on the most popular planter models on the market today, and the list will continue to grow. OmniRow will be offered through select Raven distributors who will receive specialized planter training to give growers the highest possible level of service during the critical planting season.

Envizio Pro II™. Envizio Pro II builds on the success of the Envizio field computer product line that Raven has offered for years. The Envizio Pro II will be able to control the new OmniRow planter system, Smart Yield yield monitoring, as well as many other applications. The Envizio Pro II will come with an integrated GPS receiver upgradeable to RTK technology, and is Slingshot ready for wireless RTK, high speed internet access, data transfer, remote support, and more. 

Cruizer II™. The Cruizer II is a faster, more powerful version of the original Cruizer, yet still simple to setup and simple to use. Cruizer II will give the grower the ability to load and save job files and A-B lines, and interfaces with Raven assisted-steering and AccuBoom automatic section control via CANbus technology. For open air cabs, Cruizer II is available with a weather resistant option to stand up to dust, water, and other elements. 

Digi-Star® Cruizer™ scale interface. Cruizer and Cruizer II will now interface with Digi-Star's scales and nutrient management system. Operators will be able to utilize GPS guidance, while monitoring application rates on-the-go by displaying tons/acre coverage on the Cruizer and Cruizer II guidance screens. The simple to use start/stop feature allows the operator to simply toggle a switch when they begin to unload and then off when they are done, and the system will do the rest. Application data will be recorded and then uploaded to the Nutrient Tracker™ software and help to comply with their Nutrient Management Plan. Customers with existing Cruizers will be able to take advantage of the Digi-Star interface with a simple activation key and software update.

SmartYield™. The SmartYield yield monitor will interface with the Envizio Pro II or Cruizer II. SmartYield will utilize a non-contact optical sensor, and features hillside compensation, and simple calibration and start-up, including pre-set combine calibration settings. SmartYield will give growers a report card at the end of the year and help them make important input decisions in their farming operation.

SmarTrax RTK™. SmarTrax RTK automatic steering rounds out Raven's steering line-up. SmarTrax RTK will give owners and operators the ability to tie into their existing steer-ready hydraulic blocks, making it a simple installation and setup. Automatic calibration and 3D terrain compensation help ensure sub-inch accuracy, critical for planting and strip tillage applications. SmarTrax RTK will interface with both the Viper Pro and Envizio Pro field computers.

Sidekick Pro™. The Sidekick Pro direct injection system sets a new standard for chemical applications of every type, with unprecedented precision, savings, and safety for both operator and the environment. No tank mixing required -- and with the industry's first automatic calibration feature, you're ready to go in minutes. The whole system is amazingly simple -- and pays off with greater precision, higher yields and unrivaled efficiency.

AccuFlow HP™. Raven has raised NH3 application technology to new levels of performance by adding the AccuFlow HP (high performance) system to its product line. The new AccuFlow HP system is designed with extra capacity to run at higher speeds and colder temperatures, giving you more time and flexibility to apply anhydrous ammonia. Both AccuFlow and AccuFlow HP models come with the same industry-leading accuracy, ease of operation, and reliability you expect from Raven.

For more information regarding the fall 2010 new product launch, visit, call (800) 243-5435, or contact a Raven distributor or dealer today.

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