June 02, 2009 12:38 ET

Re-Skin Our Cities Zerofootprint Launches International Building Re-Skinning Competition

Addresses Urgent Global Need

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - June 2, 2009) - Zerofootprint is launching the first International Building Re-Skinning Competition at the Meeting of the Minds 2009 leadership summit in New York City today. The competition will advance the state-of-the-art in retrofitting buildings.

It is known how to retrofit a single building, but there are no existing solutions for retrofitting an entire city. Buildings alone are responsible for nearly 40% of North America's greenhouse gases: 79% in New York, and 63% in Toronto. The Zerofootprint Building Re-Skinning Competition aims to reduce these emissions by producing a method that can be scaled to buildings in cities worldwide.

The Competition

"This competition will help us re-imagine our cities. Skinning can not only make them more beautiful and "smart", but more efficient as well." According to Dr. Ron Dembo, Zerofootprint's CEO and founder, the competition will result in "reproducible, cost-effective, energy efficient solution; scalable to a large number of buildings and deployed globally."

Judging the competition are some of the world's most respected architects and environmentalists, including William McDonough, World-renowned Architect and Designer; Edward Mazria, Founder of Architecture 2030; Andrew Bowerbank, Executive Director of the World Green Building Council; Thomas Auer, Partner and Managing Director of Transsolar; Judith DiMaio, Dean of NY School of Architecture & Design; Stefan Benisch, Principal, Benisch Architekten; Rick Huijbregts, Director of Real Estate Solutions for Emerging Markets at Cisco Canada; and George Baird, Principal, Baird Sampson Neuert Architects, and Dean of the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto.

The Z-Prize, the largest architectural prize in the world, will be awarded to one of the five finalists. The building that has most reduced the energy, averaged over three years of monitoring, will be the winner.

The competition had an initial successful launch at the Discovery '09 Conference in Toronto earlier in May. One more event announcing the launch will take place in London.

Submissions to the competition are accepted until September 1, 2009. To submit a design to the competition, contact

About Zerofootprint:

Zerofootprint is an organization dedicated to a mass reduction in global environmental impact. We provide software and services to individuals, governments, universities and corporations that measures and manages carbon footprint and engages employees and citizens worldwide in combating climate change.

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