SOURCE: Bruce Boyers Marketing Services

August 08, 2008 17:43 ET

Real Time Data Protection: For Guys Like Foonman -- and Everyone Else

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - August 8, 2008) - Every company seems to have a guy like Foonman. Been with the company ten years or so, shows up every morning on time like clockwork, almost never takes sick days, and most people like him. But while you wouldn't necessarily call him an "accident waiting to happen," he is prone to errors, and they're usually the kind of errors that can be extremely irksome. Like, putting the wrong pricing into a rush quote that's going out to the customer that very afternoon -- pricing that would considerably erode the company's profit on the sale; somebody catches it at the last minute and fixes it, but not without gnashing teeth and uttering, "Foonman!" Or producing a shipper for an order to customer that's behind on payment and on prepay only; the shipping manager fortunately spots it and doesn't send out the order, but over in AR you can again hear the familiar curse: "Foonman!"

Such an employee is also usually not on the greatest of terms with IT. He calls the help desk with complaints such as "I only get capital letters when I type!" (his caps lock is on but seems blind to this fact) -- and it's usually when IT is in the middle of some serious crisis. It's also guys like Foonman that will inevitably call the help desk when they least need it with, "Help! I accidentally deleted a really important file!"

When this happens, some luckless IT person, after clarifying that the file wasn't saved to a local drive and so can't be recovered from the Windows Recycle Bin, must initiate a time-consuming search through backups to find the last version of the file saved. Some hours later, perhaps even the next day, that earlier version of the file is restored. Now Foonman (and probably some other innocent employee or employees) will have to perform all the work that occurred between that last saved version and the version that was accidentally deleted. The net result: the company has lost hours of work and considerable profit.

The answer to this particular problem is real-time data protection software. Such software replaces the Windows Recycle Bin with one of its own, allowing instant recovery even from remote servers across networks. Real-time protection is always occurring and real-time recovery is always possible. Instead of the hours, days, maybe even weeks lost to accidentally deleted files -- not to mention lost income -- a file can be recovered instantly by Foonman himself, with the simple click of a mouse. No need for his frantic call to the help desk and the requirement of valuable IT hours searching through backups.

So for guys like Foonman -- and for everyone else who has ever accidentally deleted a file or who ever will -- real-time protection and real-time recovery is the answer.

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