SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

August 05, 2008 18:06 ET

"Real-Time" Defrag Is Critical Step in Achieving Server Peak Performance

Diskeeper Real-Time Disk Defragment Software Eases Data Center Management by Automating Defragmentation Process

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - August 5, 2008) - Peak Performance has become a marketing buzzword in the IT world, but overloaded data center management professionals, inundated with promises of over-inflated benefits, know that a combination of tools and tweaks is what ensures peak performance of servers. They also know that regardless of how they create their systems that defrag and choosing disk defragment software is a necessity when considering how to get the best performance out of their machines.

File fragmentation, regardless of infrastructure, is a headache that just isn't going away. In fact, the proliferation of large multimedia files today exacerbates fragmentation creating an even larger drain on system resources.

Web browsers alone create many fragmented files. As users visit web sites, the operating system stores temporary files on the hard drive. Those files are purged at some future point -- generally when the user clears the cache files but it is not uncommon for a PC to store tens of thousands of these files simultaneously, including images, cookies, scripts, and other file types. The result is a patchwork of fragmented files that becomes an enormous drag on system performance and health.

It is true that third party defragment software has come a long way from the days of needing to manually defragment a system, but in today's harsh operating environments, IT managers need software that goes beyond scheduling to avoid system slows caused by fragmentation between scheduled runs.

Real-time defrag, called InvisiTasking, included with Diskeeper 2008, is the most innovative defrag technology on the market that is built to automatically defragment files transparently in the background.

Using idle resources, InvisiTasking defragments systems without impact on system speeds. So although file fragmentation is still one of today's greatest drains on system resources, IT managers and system administrators can eliminate this problem from their equation when working to enhance system performance.

Diskeeper 2008's InvisiTasking also makes possible single machine defrag that in the past was impractical due to the time and labor involved in manually defragging individual machines. Because no intervention is required, the innovative disk defragment utility keeps every machine defragmented all the time.

Installing defrag software that works across networks and supports multi-terabyte server volumes as well as disk defragment software that supports very high-capacity drives and handles extremely large files with ease is the first critical step toward achieving maximum performance from servers.

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