SOURCE: The Real Time Matrix Corporation

December 03, 2007 10:13 ET

Real Time Matrix Introduces Customizable Advertising Platform That Integrates Brands With Real-Time Multimedia News and Information

Vortex™ to Build Deeper, More Enduring Brand Loyalty

OAKLAND, CA--(Marketwire - December 3, 2007) - Real Time Matrix, the leading provider of cross-platform modular communication and marketing services, has introduced a new online marketing tool called Vortex ( that strengthens consumer loyalty. Vortex links brands with user interests by delivering pertinent real-time video, audio and text news information within a compact and user-friendly console. Vortex is a turnkey marketing tool that requires zero development time from clients, can be configured and launched in one day, and is tracked in real time. Once deployed, users "grab" a Vortex and place it on their desktop, home page, personal page, blog, or social network pages. The Vortex is constantly refreshed with highly relevant new content so users get a remarkably rich and evergreen experience.

"With Vortex, major brands and publishers can finally connect directly and continuously with consumers who are passionate about their products and information," says Jeff Whitehead, CEO of Real Time Matrix. "Since the Vortex can live virtually anywhere, this connection can be viral and sustained."

Vortex was designed to meet the needs of both digital publishers and major brands. For publishers, it offers a portable personal platform on which to broadcast the latest multimedia and content from their web sites to their users' personal sites. For brands, Vortex is unique in its ability to feature video, audio or text-based brand assets, or it can pair brand messages with the latest sports, news, entertainment, and lifestyle content. In an early stage test, a Vortex delivered over 3 million ad views in just one week for Major League Soccer.

"We created Vortex because of a real brand need," says Shawn Sires, COO of Real Time Matrix. "Marketers see an opportunity to create stronger and more enduring brand experiences by providing depth of content, interactivity, and personalization. Vortex meets the needs both of the individual consumer and the marketer and fits perfectly with the new, social web. Our clients know the brand message; our job is to deliver it in a memorable, compelling way. Our unique service allows the client to focus on the brand and content while we provide all of the functionality, distribution, and reporting."

Real Time Matrix has already signed and has just deployed "Vortices" for Major League Soccer ( and Social Media Today ( Over a dozen major brands are expected to launch Vortices in the next 60 days.

"Major League Soccer is proud to be associated with Vortex," says MLS President Mark Abbott. "It is an incredible tool and we are confident that soccer fans worldwide will enjoy its versatility."

"We see the Real Time Matrix Vortex as a terrific way to solidify our relationships with our key bloggers. What's more, we're building a smart, clearly focused network for potential sponsors and advertisers," according to Robin Fray Carey, CEO and Co-Founder, Social Media Today.

Launching a Vortex is fast and easy. The customer simply submits their design and Real Time Matrix launches it like a managed ad campaign. While Vortex can be copied across the web or onto a desktop, the look and content are managed centrally. Unlike other portable media platforms the Vortex can be updated by the brand at any time, and the changes are visible immediately across the web. Real Time Matrix tracks and reports key Vortex metrics that enable brands to create new advertising networks with continuous customer connection and viral spread.

"This is our first, major step in bringing a new method of web communication to the market. Real Time Matrix has pioneered a way for anyone to pack a full-featured web experience into something about the size of a tower banner. Instead of people finding information, information and brands find people. Everyone wins," concludes Mr. Whitehead.

Headquartered in New York City, Major League Soccer ( is the top-flight professional soccer league in the United States and features many stars from the United States and around the world. The League's 12th championship game, MLS Cup 2007, takes place Sunday, Nov. 18 in Washington, D.C. The 13 teams in MLS are: the Chicago Fire, Colorado Rapids, Chivas USA, Columbus Crew, D.C. United, FC Dallas, Houston Dynamo, Kansas City Wizards, Los Angeles Galaxy, Red Bull New York, New England Revolution, Real Salt Lake and Toronto FC. The San Jose Earthquakes will begin play as the 14th team in 2008 and Seattle will begin play in 2009. Major League Soccer plans to expand to 16 teams by 2010, and could feature as many as 18 clubs by 2012.

SocialMediaToday LLC ( helps global organizations create purpose-built, BtoB social communities that are designed to achieve specific, measurable corporate goals by engaging exactly the customers and prospects they most want to reach.

The Real Time Matrix Corporation ( is a privately held start-up, funded by Edge Holdings LLC and based in Oakland, CA. The Real Time Matrix management team has extensive background developing media and analytics solutions for start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. They are the only provider of Vortex, a revolutionary customizable multimedia platform that connects people to brands and their passions. Their patent-pending technology powers the Vortex with personalized content and has no equivalent in the marketplace. Real Time Matrix also offers a free, personal Vortex builder at their VortexMe™ ( website. Vortex and VortexMe are trademarks of The Real Time Matrix Corporation.

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