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February 10, 2010 09:00 ET

Real-Time Money Market Portal Trade Transparency Now Available Through MbOX

Money Fund Families Now Able to View Real-Time Trade Activity From Money Market Portals

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - February 10, 2010) - Cachematrix (, the leading provider of institutional money market fund trading technology for banks and financial institutions, announced today that it is has spun off its MbOX LLC subsidiary and is releasing an enhanced version of its MbOX portal trade transparency software to its mutual fund partners.

MbOX is an innovative web-based trade and account transparency source for money fund families who distribute their funds via money market portals. MbOX provides money fund managers with real-time transparency into money market fund trading activity and accounts, as well as running totals of net cash flows coming through each of the money market portals they offer their funds through.

With the new money market fund regulations recently adopted by the SEC regarding "Know Your Investor," the release of MbOX is timely. MbOX addresses three areas of interest to fund families participating on portals, specifically concentration risk, active-trading risk and transparency risk. With regard to concentration risk and transparency risk, MbOX allows the fund providers the ability to view and track the underlying balances of the accounts that make up each portal omnibus position. With active-trading risk or "hot money" MbOX has the ability to track, filter and sort trades by client name, account, or size of trade. In addition, MbOX has an advanced email alert system that will allow portfolio managers to monitor trade volumes in real-time based on dollar thresholds or specific accounts.

"Transparency into omnibus trading and disclosure of client accounts within those omnibus positions is paramount to the industry," said George Hagerman, Founder and CEO of Cachematrix. "At the same time, there are huge operational efficiencies that omnibus trading provides for the fund companies. MbOX provides the best of both worlds. Fund families get the operational efficiencies of omnibus settlement with the transparency of full disclosure."

Hagerman adds, "MbOX will provide the industry with a standardized method for viewing all underlying portal activity through one centralized source."

Portfolio managers will also find MbOX's Settlement Report particularly useful. "The Settlement Report keeps a running net asset flow for each portal so the portfolio manager will know their intraday net positions by portal in real-time," said Pete Young, Managing Director of Cachematrix. "Providing the industry with a centralized transparency solution will improve the flow of information between portals and fund managers with the intent to 'diminish the unpredictability of redemptions.'"

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MbOX is an innovative web-based trade transparency and portal management tool. MbOX provides real-time transparency to all trading activity and underlying accounts coming through a money market portal. For more information, visit

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