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August 19, 2010 15:54 ET

Recover Flash Drive Data to the Extreme With eProvided.Com

Advances in Flash Drive Recovery & USB Recovery Make Flash Drive Data Recovery Easy

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - August 19, 2010) -  Recover flash drive files like never before, no matter what type of severe damage you have experienced. Advances in flash drive recovery allow for a success in recovering data from broken portable USB drives, sticks and digital camera cards very probable. With data recovery success rates above 94%, eProvided.Com USB recovery, for advanced damages to storage mediums, goes to the extreme in recovering data in any circumstance.

Limited time: eProvided basic recoveries are FREE in celebrating their 10 year anniversary, with a re-launched website.

NAND flash, the new storage medium, is found in almost every storage device today including Solid State Hard Drives (SSD), iPods, iPhones and just about everything else. These devices fail, are in auto accidents, damaged, bent, broken; even our US soldiers experience damage due to explosions and other severe occurrences. Many consumers don't know services such as flash drive data recovery to this extreme exist.

When you absolutely MUST recover lost files, no matter what the damage, recover flash drive files using companies with leading edge advances in preserving crucial data. Not just consumers rely on these types of flash drive recovery companies; NASA, The Pentagon and The Army Chief of Staff use USB recovery solutions and have called on eProvided.Com for a solution.

Prices drop and devices grow in capacity, vast amounts of files are saved today; how many 1TB drives do you use, are they backed up? Have you ever needed flash drive data recovery? Today's new medium in file storage is small, (News -- SD cards are now up to 32GB -- store 12,000 photos/6,500 mp3's) and they break easily. USB sticks, SD cards, CompactFlash cards store thousands of pictures; being the size of a dime, they're vulnerable to many problems. Back up your portable devices, and remember there are flash drive data recovery solutions to recover data to the extreme.

Bookmark eProvided.Com, prevent the hassle of forgetting who to ask when data is lost, recover flash drive files no matter what data loss issues you have. Prepare in advance; term papers or taxes may be due next week. Having a plan to recover data fast relieves stress; have a solution for flash drive recovery.

"Recover USB," a new data recovery service provided to consumers & military; for more information contact eProvided.Com.

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