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March 24, 2010 07:13 ET

RedDot Networks Announces 10Gb/s TAP

Provides 100% Application and Network Visibility Using Pinpoint Packet Inspection™ and Network Analytics

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - March 24, 2010) -  RedDot Networks™, a leading provider of 10Gb/s network and data center monitoring infrastructure, announced today the availability of its eTAP 20G enhanced Traffic Access Point. Featuring Pinpoint Packet Inspection™, the eTAP 20G provides organizations with 100% application and network visibility to enhance security, application performance and troubleshooting tools. 

"The eTAP 20G is a breakthrough for 10Gb/s network monitoring infrastructure in the same way that the X-ray machine has revolutionized airport security," said George Salemie, President of RedDot Networks. "Existing network monitoring infrastructure for data access is analogous to airport security only examining the outside appearance of luggage but not inspecting the content of the luggage. The eTAP 20G with Pinpoint Packet Inspection™ functions as an application and network X-ray, providing 100% visibility into 10Gb/s application and network traffic. As such, organizations are Pre-Instrumenting 10Gb/s networks and data centers with the eTAP 20G to provide access to monitoring tools (instruments) without disrupting application or network traffic."

Enclosed in a 19" rack-mountable 1U chassis, the eTAP 20G offers advanced filtering, replication and time-stamping capabilities. Using Pinpoint Packet Inspection™, the eTAP 20G uses content-based filters to identify specific application or network traffic located anywhere in the packet. The eTAP 20G surpasses existing data access solutions that are limited to filtering L2-L4 fixed-offsets fields up to 128 bytes. Configured with two (2) 10Gb/s and two (2) 1Gb/s monitoring ports, the eTAP 20G ensures 10Gb/s or 1Gb/s monitoring tools can be deployed without disrupting 10Gb/s networks or the applications running over them.

Network Analytics display real-time, per-second statistics for network bandwidth utilization, protocol behavior and user-defined application profiles according to a combination of header fields and payload content. The eTAP 20G's remote capture tunnels select traffic to a remote monitoring tool over an internet connection if no local monitoring tool is available or engineer is on site. The eTAP 20G also captures selective traffic locally in a standard PCAP format, which can be downloaded and analyzed by Wireshark or other tools. 

At the heart of the eTAP 20G is unique technology from cPacket Networks, which enables real-time analysis of packet headers and payload content at 100 percent wire speed. cPacket Networks chips and hardware/software technologies offer breakthrough features including microsecond accurate analysis of network traffic spikes that cause intermittent congestion and applications performance issues.

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RedDot Networks delivers innovative network monitoring and load balancing solutions with 100% application and network visibility in 10Gb/s networks and data centers for service providers, enterprises and government. RedDot's Pinpoint Packet Inspection™ solutions identify, isolate and replicate application and network traffic to any monitoring tool. RedDot Networks enables professionals to maximize the value of existing and future monitoring tools. Organizations deploying RedDot Networks' solutions decrease total cost of network ownership, protect confidential information and mission critical systems, and meet or exceed regulatory compliance requirements. For more information about RedDot Networks, visit

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