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January 04, 2010 10:27 ET

RedXDefense's Portable Explosives Detector (XPAK) Detects Explosive Used by Airline Bomber

WINDERMERE, FL--(Marketwire - January 4, 2010) - RedXDefense's CEO, Vince Dugan, was interviewed by WFTV - Channel 9 regarding aviation security measures and specifically RedXDefense's portable explosives detector, the XPAK.

Investigators say Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab hid an explosive device on his body when he traveled from Amsterdam to Detroit. The device contained PETN, which is a conventional high explosive often used in detonation cord. It's also used in military devices because it is powerful, stable and safe to handle.

Upon being questioned as to the possible effectiveness of the XPAK in the December 25th Christmas day terrorist attempt on Northwest Airlines, Dugan replied that the XPAK is capable of detecting all military grades of explosives and would have been able to detect the PETN that was used in that attack.

Dugan commented that the XPAK is an intuitive and affordable system that is reliable, rugged and easy to train. It offers travelers a fast, safe and less-intrusive system without privacy concerns or x-ray exposure. For TSA security personnel, its advantages include maximum 'up-time' (no warm-up, no calibration, no hot sample clean out), ease of use, low maintenance, versatile detection (hands, luggage, parcels, keys, etc.), automatic detection data logging/transfer and establishment of chain of evidence.

Deployed since 2007, the XPAK is in use by foreign and U.S. Military, civilian, and private sector customers. Example applications include force protection, vehicle check points, clearance of unattended packages or cargo, and as a complement to canines. To date, the XPAK has had outstanding performance even in austere field environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Arguably, it has the most field 'up time' of any trace explosives detection device available today.

In addition, the XPAK is an effective tool for other homeland security applications such as: mass transit, public parks, arenas, amusement centers, hotels and monuments. It can also be used for guest screening, vehicle and package screening. Dugan further stated that the RedXDefense suite of products would enable the extension of the security barrier to parking garages, lots and mass transit entry points.

RedXDefense is a complete solution provider for defense against explosive threats. The Company offers a suite of security solutions for guest screening, vehicle and package screening, and security management. RedX products are focused on reducing operational burdens and cost, and on creating a positive user experience. These products serve military, government, and private sector customers with wide-ranging applications from information gathering to vehicle checkpoint screening to high-throughput visitor screening. RedX's innovative products and technology promise to change the way the industry approaches security.

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