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Reef Hot Spot

December 04, 2009 13:25 ET

Reef Hot Spot Launches New Line of Cultured and Soft Live Coral Frags

The Los Angeles Saltwater Fish Store and Live Coral Supplier, Which Operates Nationally Through the Internet, Is Pleased to Announce This New Line of Fragmented Corals

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 4, 2009) - Reef Hot Spot is excited to announce the launch of a new line of cultured hard and soft live coral frags. The saltwater fish and live coral retailer has just completed the installation of a new culturing system at its Los Angeles Airport warehouse. This line is dedicated to the culturing and growing of rare corals and rare color morphs of common species of corals.

The corals to be cultured and grown in this new system will include Zoanthid Corals, Mushroom Corals, various species of Acropora Corals, Montipora Corals and Echinophyllia Corals. The 100% aquarium raised corals will be offered for sale through Reef Hot Spot's retail store, as well as their web site. Cultured or aquarium grown corals have many benefits. They reduce the pressure of collection on wild coral reefs, while making rare corals available in large quantities to a larger group of hobbyists instead of just a select few. Cultured coral frags also have a much better success rate in home reef aquariums because they have been selected for suitability of captive care as well as acclimated to reef aquarium lighting conditions.

A list of rare corals to be cultured and released for sale through include: Darth Maul Palythoas, Spiderman Zoanthids, Soprano Palythoas, Purple Monster Acropora, Superman Montipora, Sunset Montipora, Bubblegum Monster Echinophyllia, Flame Thrower Echinophyllia, various species of Watermelon Echinophyllias and Hybrid Watermelon Echinophyllias, Miami Hurricane Echinophyllia, and various rare Favia Corals. For updates on new releases from the Reef Hot Spot coral farm, sign up for the newsletter at:

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Reef Hot Spot is the source for exotic saltwater fish, rare corals and saltwater invertebrates for the home reef aquarium. Hobbyists can visit Reef Hot Spot's Los Angeles store to buy saltwater fish and live coral, or have it shipped via UPS Next Day Air for delivery to anywhere in the United States through their web site. Reef Hot Spot offers discount saltwater fish for sale, as well as rare and exotic saltwater fish and invertebrates for the coral reef aquarium.

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