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December 02, 2008 09:30 ET

Regal Imports 'Hallmark of Quality' Created Diamonds

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 2, 2008) - Regal Imports Ltd. -

After 60 years of experimenting, science has finally managed to create diamonds large enough, clean enough and at a price that can be offered for sale as an alternative to naturally grown diamonds. These diamonds are seeded, much like a cultured pearl, and placed under the same conditions of temperature and pressure that are found hundreds of miles below the earth. Laboratory grown diamonds are mainly vivid yellow in colour and will be produced in white colours once scientists learn how to remove nitrogen from the creation process.

The 'Hallmark of Quality' brand is the first brand to present a loose created diamond program for sale through exclusive retail suppliers. Their certificate states "This diamond is grown under the same conditions and is guaranteed to possess the same physical, optical and chemical properties as an earth grown diamond". The 'Hallmark of Quality' created diamond is accompanied by a grading report, identification card and is appropriately lasered with tracking numbers so as to distinguish it from earth grown diamonds. The "Hallmark of Quality' created diamond is a diamond and must be marked in this manner as there is no other way a gemologist can separate it from a naturally occurring diamond, it can be detected by some international laboratories.

Natural vivid yellow and orange diamonds are very expensive and rare. Their created counterparts sell at about one quarter their price and, due to the rare colour factor, created diamonds will not interfere with the sale of naturally occurring white diamonds. Created diamonds are not cheap copies of a diamond; they are real diamonds and as such are accepted for certification by the Gemological Institute of America (the most recognized diamond certificate in the world). These laboratory-grown diamonds are expensive to produce and so retain their value much like natural diamonds. The 'Hallmark of Quality' is excited to place this new diamond for sale next to its 'Hallmark of Quality' Canadian diamond and sees this created diamond to be just as distinct and precious as the Canadian diamond.

Created diamonds will appeal to clients with environmental, scientific and romantic interests. They are special, affordable and most important 'simply beautiful' diamonds that will soon find a place in better jewellery establishments. As a cutter and direct buyer of this scientifically forward diamond (developed in the 'Gemesis' laboratories), the 'Hallmark of Quality' is proud to be the first to present the public with a loose created diamond program. The 'Hallmark of Quality' welcomes any enquiries about the relevance of this new product to the retail diamond experience.

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