SOURCE: Relay Capital Corp.

August 01, 2005 06:00 ET

Relay Capital Corp. to Provide Payroll Cards to GOT PIZZA Music Café Restaurant Chain

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 1, 2005 -- The number of companies and employees using Relay Capital Corporation (OTC: RLYC) ( Pay Transfer Card program is rapidly expanding with the addition of the GOT PIZZA Music Café restaurant chain with locations in Illinois and Florida.

The GOT PIZZA Music Café ( offers up almost as many music genres as they do toppings for their gourmet, high-end pizza. The restaurants are a subsidiary of Blue Moon Group Inc (OTC: BMOO) ( that owns Nebulous Records and Blue Moon Records. This enables the studio to pipe in music of their artists throughout the day to the GOT PIZZA restaurants. Rock, jazz, blues and even some pop-country, greet diners who can also purchase the CDs of what they hear during their meal.

"Relay Capital's Pay Transfer Cards will now greatly simplify GOT PIZZA's payments to their employees and contractors by dramatically decreasing payroll distribution costs," said E. Reese Bogle, III, Relay Capital's CEO. "It will also help to reduce a great deal of paper processing of checks and pay, eliminate lost checks, stop payments and minimize fraud.

"Of equal importance," continued Mr. Bogle, "Relay Capital's Pay Transfer Cards will be of great benefit to employees and contractors by eliminating the hassles often associated with cashing payroll checks, provide immediate 24-hour access to money on payday even if they are on vacation, sick or otherwise not scheduled to work, reduce the risk of carrying cash, and provide the convenience and flexibility which may include many of the national networks such as Maestro®, Cirrus® and even the VISA® or MasterCard® brands for purchasing power."

Pay transfer cards are a cost effective alternative to printing, cutting, and mailing paper payroll checks. A Relay Capital payroll card serves as a virtual bank account. Each pay period, the card is loaded with the employee's net pay. The transfer occurs quickly -- no waiting for the mail for remote employees. The employee can use the card at ATM and POS terminals, just like cash, and make PIN-based transactions, where they can get cash back from participating merchants. Benefits are especially great for variable 1099 payments to contractors and "un-banked" employees. It also saves the average 8% of their check amount that "un-banked" employees typically pay to check cashing outlets.

The market for pay transfer cards includes companies that process payroll, particularly with multiple outlets geographically dispersed, and financial institutions that provide banking and payroll services to commercial customers. Relay Capital's prepaid and pay-transfer cards make it easy, fast and secure for people and businesses to buy all manner of goods and services using prepaid cards and enable employees to receive payment via payroll cards.

About Relay Capital Corporation:

Relay Capital Corporation ( is a developer and marketer of a wide range of prepaid financial services, including pre-paid stored value cards, reward cards, employee payroll cards, gift, retail and affinity group cards, travel cards and fund transfer cards. Relay Capital Corporation encompasses both the marketing and distribution of pre-paid and pay-transfer cards in concert with the development of loading centers. Loading centers are retail locations, such as convenience stores, check cashing facilities or other types of retail facilities serving to dispense or receive cash facilitating transactions for the stored-value card consumer.

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