SOURCE: Bomgar Corporation

May 30, 2007 03:00 ET

Remote Desktop Support Could Boost Manufacturers' Consumer Ratings

RIDGELAND, MS--(Marketwire - May 30, 2007) - According to Consumer Reports' first Computer Tech Support Survey, almost half the consumers who contact manufacturers for technical support don't get their problem resolved. This certainly aligns with the findings of Aberdeen Group's fall 2006 study, which found that only 51 percent of call center and service management executives were satisfied with their company's ability to triage, diagnose and resolve technical support problems, and 82 percent said that optimizing their call center was of primary concern. Bomgar's remote desktop support appliance could help support executives improve these results, along with customer satisfaction and retention.

When over 20,000 Consumer Reports subscribers were asked to rate the free technical support offered by manufacturers, only Apple and IBM came close to the results obtained with independents such as the Geek Squad. Survey respondents gave third-party support a score of 84, with 93 percent of problems resolved, retailers scored at 70 with 84 percent of problems resolved, and manufacturers came in with a score of 55 with only 59 percent of issues resolved. In fact, according to this survey, 15 percent of consumers are so disheartened they don't even bother to contact manufacturers' support teams.

Bomgar's unique remote desktop support appliance has helped many corporations meet the technical support challenge, and it may be the answer hardware and software manufacturers have been looking for.

Bomgar's clients, ranging from small one-man IT shops to Fortune 500 companies, consistently increase their first call resolution rate by implementing Bomgar's remote desktop support solution -- some by as much as 75 percent. And as they also decrease the time spent in each support session by 30 to 75 percent, efficiency and effectiveness are boosted without additional hiring and training of new support reps.

To find out more about how Bomgar's remote desktop support appliance can improve the efficiency of your support team, boost incident resolution and increase customer satisfaction and retention, contact Bomgar or visit the company website.

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