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June 22, 2005 10:48 ET Reports -- XsunX, Inc., a Building Integrated Photovoltaics Developer, Completes Significant Milestone in Solar Power Glass™ Product Development

New R&D Initiatives, Increased Scientific Expertise, and Product Development Position Firm to Take Advantage of Growing Building Integrated Photovoltaics Industry

POINT ROBERTS, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 22, 2005 -- (RES), an investor and industry news portal for the renewable energy sector, reports that XsunX, Inc. (OTC BB: XSNX), a developer of Power Glass™ -- an innovative solar technology that allows glass windows to generate electricity from the power of the sun, has successfully completed a significant milestone as the Company has produced new prototypes of PowerGlass™ on transparent polyesters such as Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN), inexpensive thin-film plastics. This milestone was a direct result of key additions to XsunX's Scientific Advisory Board, and advances in R&D efforts, to take advantage of the overall growing market for alternative energy.

XsunX has expanded their R&D capabilities by adding new process development equipment and technical expertise. Dr. Richard Rocheleau, Dr. Arokia Nathan and Dr. John J. Moore joined the Scientific Advisory Board, bringing their expertise in thin-films and laser process development. These new efforts have produced strong results on thin-film plastics and new working prototypes of Power Glass™.

The efforts of XsunX's Scientific Advisory Board have helped Photovoltaics (PV) (the science of capturing and converting energy into electricity) mature within an industry growing at unprecedented rates. XsunX recently announced that their use of films such as PEN and PET are between 900% and 3000% cheaper than DuPont's Kapton and other similar polyimide-based films. In addition, in order to utilize this technology and take advantage of the costs savings associated with PEN and PET films, XsunX has developed methods of building solar cells at significantly lower temperatures than levels used in other solar cell manufacturing techniques. The Company's management believes that the resulting savings from XsunX's thin-film developments will provide a lower production line price-point and a competitive advantage to manufacturers that use Power Glass in their products.

Photovoltaics continues to gain momentum on an international scale as a viable energy source, and has recently picked up added support from the Bush administration. A budget proposal sent to Congress by President Bush included what the solar industry is calling "a promising new initiative" to advance the development of crystalline silicon solar power. The Crystalline Silicon Initiative seeks to re-establish U.S. market leadership and technology ownership in the PV industry. Many industry leaders believe the initiative will start solar power on a path to deliver half of all new U.S. electricity generation by 2025.

The Company believes this may help to position Power Glass™ as a competitive power-producing alternative to non-energy producing thin films for applications in the worldwide architectural glass and optical film markets. According to Dr. Arun Madan, XsunX's Scientific Advisory Board Chairman and Director of Research, "We believe that the use of PET and PEN plastics to produce rolls of true thin-film transparent solar cells may represent a high degree of commercial viability to the multi-billion dollar glass and high performance coatings industry."

XsunX has begun shipments of Power Glass™ samples to manufacturers for use in product development and testing. These first shipments represent the importance of working with innovative product manufacturers and mark the expansion for XsunX from pure R&D operations into the business development arena.

The Company continues to expand its working relationships and strategic alliances and is committed to driving product development tests into revenue producing relationships as soon as possible. The Company is gearing up to begin beta product development efforts and has received interest from companies representing product applications in the building materials and automotive sectors.

XsunX has gained notable interest within the financial and alternative technologies communities and, as the technology continues to develop, anticipates attracting additional analysis, industry interest, and coverage.

"We introduced new staff and continue to make technological advances. This continues to be an exciting year with significant achievements and opportunities for XsunX," said Tom M. Djokovich CEO, XsunX, Inc.

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XsunX, Inc (OTC BB: XSNX) is developing Power Glass™ -- an innovative solar technology that allows glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun. This means that inhabitants of buildings that have Power Glass™ films integrated into the skin of the building will be able to continue to view the great outdoors -- as if they were looking through conventional glass windows. The difference is that these windows will now produce electricity to use to offset dependency on local utility supplied power and increase overall building operational efficiencies. This use of Photovoltaics in building materials is a growing market opportunity referred to as Building Integrated Photovoltaics or "BIPV." XsunX intends to become a recognized leader in the Building Integrated Photovoltaics industry. The Company plans to market the XsunX Power Glass™ solar cell structure and manufacturing process as a competitive alternative to non-energy producing coatings and glazing for applications in the worldwide architectural glass, optical film, and plastics markets.

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