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August 26, 2010 08:54 ET

Research Reports on XL Capital and ACE Limited -- In Between Natural Catastrophes and the Rest of the Industry Challenges

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA--(Marketwire - August 26, 2010) - provides members a complete scrutiny of the property & casualty insurance industry with thorough research on XL Capital Ltd. (NYSE: XL) and ACE Limited (NYSE: ACE). Sign up now on to access these free reports.

The Property and Casualty Insurance industry finds itself in a guardedly optimistic position lately. While the economic downturn has cut back consumer and commercial demand for many of their products and fierce intra-industry competition has negatively impacted prices, many companies within the sector are still managing to remain profitable despite the decrease in revenue. By cutting costs, reigning in non-essential operations spending, and slowing acquisitions, some companies have managed to counteract the revenue loss with shrewd low risk financial moves. While in most cases this has resulted in a slow-down or halt in organic growth, some of the larger companies are looking to mergers and acquisitions as the economy slowly turns around to gain ground within the historically fractured Insurance sector. Ace limited is expected to use some of its excess capital which is in the billions to make an acquisition in the next 12 months. research team provides investors with insight about ACE Limited by registering now at is a source for investors seeking free information on the property & casualty insurance industry; investors and shareholders of XL Capital Ltd., ACE Limited and other companies in the industry are encouraged to sign up for free at

One concern is that some of the excess capital the Property and Casualty Insurance industry has managed to accumulate could create a soft market where prices decrease as companies take on more risk. 

One surprising area of good news is that the major disasters this year involving oil spills and volcanic ash have yet to have their expected extreme impact upon the insurance industry because the insurance structuring of BP and quick grounding of flights during the eruptions avoided major pay outs by the insurance sector. However, the forecast of a potentially bad hurricane season could cause much of the oil remaining in the Gulf of Mexico to be pushed up onto land during storm surges. This unknown has led to some consumer displeasure as many companies in the sector are either limiting or raising the costs for flood premiums in the regions predicted to be hit by hurricanes.

Early this month, XL Capital Ltd. reported net income of $191.8 million. research team provides investors with insight about XL Capital Ltd. by registering now at

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