SOURCE: Resonate

February 03, 2010 10:30 ET

Resonate Connects Consumer Attitudes With Online Advertising Through Attitudinal Targeting™

Powerful New Targeting Technology Reveals Deep Audience Insights; Eco-Friendly Moms Findings Demonstrate Value of Attitudinal Targeting

RESTON, VA--(Marketwire - February 3, 2010) -  Advertisers can now create and execute more efficient and effective online campaigns using Attitudinal Targeting™, a new way to reach highly-targeted audiences based on their attitudes, values and beliefs. Resonate Networks, an online advertising technology company, today announced its patent-pending research-based methodology that provides rich audience insights and an unparalleled ability to target and reach highly specialized audiences with the right message wherever they spend their time online.

To demonstrate these audience insights and the value this level of targeting and ad delivery provide, Resonate today released sample data from its latest research wave examining the relationship between women's attitudes on environmental issues and values, and their purchase behavior.

"Attitudinal Targeting goes beyond the current practices of contextual or behavioral online targeting. While those methods have been used successfully by some clients, the connection between targeting attributes and desired audiences is based largely on intuition. Research is at the heart of Resonate's targeting methodology," said Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate. "As a result, we have an enormous wealth of deeper insights that offers advertisers the ability to reach audiences based on values, purchase engagement and attitudes directly linked to online media consumption. This allows us to create highly targeted audience profiles for our clients, identify where these audiences exist online and deliver advertising to this audience with efficiency never before possible."

Customer Insight Example: Green Moms
As an example of the rich customer insights enabled by Attitudinal Targeting, Resonate created a sample audience profile that highlights the attitudes, values and beliefs that affect purchase behavior of "Green Moms" -- defined as women under the age of 50, interested in environmental issues, who have children age 10 or younger.

According to the Resonate profile, Green Moms are interested in buying products and services that:

  • Help preserve natural resources for their children and future generations (22 percent more likely than online population)
  • Are connected to a valuable cause or charity (12 percent more likely than online population)

But far more interesting findings come from comparing the attitudes and values of Green Moms to the broader group of females in the online population:

  • Green Moms are 23 percent more likely than the general online female population to buy products made by companies that are socially responsible (60% vs. 49%)
  • 22 percent more likely to go out of their way to buy American made products or services (57% vs. 47%)
  • 40 percent more likely to become an online brand/product advocate (26% vs. 18%)
  • 42 percent more likely to go out of their way to find a specific brand or product (16% vs. 11%)
  • 35 percent more likely to pay a premium for a specific brand (25% vs. 19%)

"Anyone can tell you how many women visit a given website like or each month. What they can't do is provide you insight into which values matter most to this specific group, how their values affect their brand affinities and purchase behavior, and how to connect with them on an enduring level," said Nick Tabbal, vice president of research for Resonate. "The Green Moms profile is just one example of literally tens of thousands of profiles we can identify and target with our methodology. This ability to highly target audiences is critical for creating the best possible ad messaging, and, more importantly, knowing where to find this specific audience."

Resonate Methodology
Resonate's patent-pending online research methodology combines the best of traditional market research with newly developed online methodologies. Resonate performs continuous, large scale waves of online survey research, which is integrated with numerous data sources providing online behavioral data, purchase behavior and a vast array of other audience characteristics.

About Resonate
Resonate is an online ad technology company offering advertisers an entirely new approach to targeted audience delivery -- Attitudinal Targeting™ -- based on attitudes, values and beliefs. Resonate's proprietary methodology and patent-pending Quality Visitation Indices™ (QVI™) enable advertisers to define rich audience profiles from a combination of more than one thousand attitudinal and traditional attributes. As a result, advertisers are able to reach and engage the right audience at a deeper, more enduring level than traditional online targeting. For more information please visit