December 02, 2008 23:59 ET

Rethinking the web for professional associations: a TP1 Internet 360 solution

MONTREAL, Oct. 23 - TP1 Internet 360 today unveils a new web
portal model developed expressly for associations and groups. The approach is
based on features addressing needs common to all associations, with a strong
focus on networking and member services.

According to TP1's Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken, "Our experience is that, in
addition to its core mission and principles, an association benefits from
highlighting elements most useful to its members. More than ever, the web is
becoming a substitute for social events, and the site should reflect this new

Putting members first

TP1's model is based on five main features:

1. An interactive member directory (no more paper!)
2. Web 2.0 social networking features
3. An interface to manage activities, memberships and content
4. An online payment system for dues and activity registrations
5. A blog, reference centre and reserved member sections

"It's incredible to think that members are often relegated to the
background on an association's website. Online networking has become
mainstream with sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, and it already frequently
replaces meetings and traditional activities as a jumping-off point for
networking," notes Mr. Vanderveken.

The Québec MBA Association was the first to adopt the TP1 model by
selecting it for its portal. Launched in September 2008, the site is already
creating greater awareness for the association:

"An association is more than the sum of its members - it's really the
end-product of their many interactions! We wanted above all to create a
welcoming online meeting place for MBA's, which is why we accepted TP1's
proposal for this project," states Brigitte Dupriez, president of the Québec
MBA Association.

Energizing a community of professionals is quite a challenge! With a
simple, efficient structure, user-friendly design, consistent content,
exclusive activities and by placing members at the centre of the user
experience, the TP1 approach creates added value for the business model of any

Interested parties are invited to contact TP1 for a demonstration.

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