SOURCE: Reuben Armstrong Show

October 23, 2007 00:00 ET

Reuben Armstrong Has Been Making Headline News With His New Book "Snakes In The Pulpit"

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 23, 2007) - The media is saying Reuben Armstrong might not be Oprah, but he's more real than Dr. Phil! The executive producer and host of the Reuben Armstrong Show, the outgoing and charismatic Armstrong knows this and is proud to share the Dr. Phil comments and other positive words he's received from loyal Lone Star State viewers who comprise many of the show's most diehard following.

His influence extends beyond Texas' borders, however. The Reuben Armstrong Show has quickly gained critical and viewer acclaim throughout its first four years on the air, beginning primarily in Louisiana and Texas, with the show now seen across the globe (national). Armstrong's driving motivation for creating and maintaining the program has always been using his communicative skills to help his fellow man by bringing into focus issues of the day that affect the "every man" and "real people." Hence, Reuben's reputation as being more real than Dr. Phil. "People see me and they know I'm just like them," Armstrong said. "I'm a real person, just like them. I talk about real issues affecting real people. This is why people relate to the show and why it keeps growing. I started this show because I wanted to help people. The more it grows, the more people are being helped."

Unlike others who boast communication degrees and relationships with the right people in the right places within the industry, Armstrong has arrived at his lofty position by his own energies and influence. Talk Show Host Reuben Armstrong was the same young man who'd been given no chance by doctors of being able to coherently speak because of a childhood malady, let alone one day becoming a voice who would reach out to millions. "They said I would never be able to speak clearly," Armstrong said. "But I proved them wrong. It goes to show, if you put God first and not let society define you and you're willing to work hard enough, you can achieve your dreams. That's what I'm trying to get out there to my millions of viewers, to young people."

Reuben Armstrong is no overnight sensation. Getting this far has taken tireless energy and an extreme work ethic and passion. Armstrong produces shows featuring some of the most influential and well known entertainers, religious leaders, medical doctors, powerful political leaders and international dignitaries in the world. Armstrong has interviewed dignataries such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Bill Cosby and Judge Mathis. Through the power of media, Armstrong has created an unparalleled connection with people from around the world. Armstrong enlightens, and uplifts millions of people. "This thing has grown and grown, and it's has gotten bigger," he said. "But I knew this would happen all along. This is what happens when you have faith and are willing to put in the hard work to back it up."

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