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August 04, 2008 09:44 ET

Revinetix™ Announces New Data De-Duplication Capabilities to RevOS™ Backup Appliance Application

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - August 4, 2008) - Revinetix announced today the release of RevOS™ 3.0 with a suite of new features, including data de-duplication, Active Directory support and a Web 2.0 tab menu user interface to simplify data backup, archive and recovery management for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises (SMB/SMEs).

With patent-pending de-duplication technology in this latest version, RevOS identifies duplicate copies of data, records where the data is stored and triggers the network-attached backup appliance to store only a single copy of a file. This process can result in significant space and cost savings as well as increased data retention periods. RevOS also enables the administrator more control to specify and schedule the type of backup required -- full, incremental, or only new changes made to the database.

RevOS centrally manages and automates backup, archive and recovery functions down to the desktop level for every machine connected to a network -- even those connected through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The continuing demands on IT administrators to backup and protect steadily increasing volumes of data can be extremely time consuming. The automated backup functionality in RevOS frees IT staff from backup scheduling and management allowing them to focus on other IT tasks to support the organization.

Delivering a single application feel, the new RevOS tab menu structure simplifies and speeds identification and management of stored data. Navigation and content changes are based on the tab selected by the user, a contrast to the more common interface that requires users to drill down through a hierarchy of page links and views. The result is that administrators are able to get to the desired information more quickly and complete backup, archive and recovery tasks more efficiently.

Developed with open source Google Web Toolkit (GWT), the new Web 2.0 user interface and Active Directory integration make it easy to scale and manage -- up to thousands of backup clients -- with increased efficiency and flexibility. Page categories and content can be customized to the needs of the administrator's particular organization. Additional management tools in this latest version include a status bar that shows used and free disk space, a messages area for notifications and RAID status indicator.

"With the efficiencies of data de-duplication in disk-based backup appliances replacing traditional tape backup systems, constrained IT departments are rethinking their backup solutions strategies," said Thomas G. Hogan, Revinetix president and CEO. "With RevOS, administrators are able to accomplish more for their organizations in less time and help save the expense of purchasing more storage appliances by eliminating duplicate data files."

RevOS 3.0 is specifically designed for Revinetix' Sentio™ rack mount data protection appliances and Volo™ desktop data protection appliances with support for all major operating systems, SQL Server Agent for Microsoft® SQL Server™ and Microsoft® Exchange Server.

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