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August 01, 2005 09:00 ET

Right Hemisphere Advances Product Graphics Search and Management With New Software Release

New Deep Server 1.9 Product Graphics Management Software Provides Up to a 75% Increase in Processing Performance for Extremely Large Datasets

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 1, 2005 -- SIGGRAPH 2005 -- Right Hemisphere®, leading provider of Product Graphics Management (PGM) software, today announced the latest version of its Deep Server™ enterprise PGM software. Available in September, Deep Server 1.9 improves 2D and 3D graphics publishing process integration and performance, and offers a number of graphics data search and management advancements. New Deep Server 1.9 features include:

--  An enhanced, comprehensive Web-based user interface to conduct advanced
    file search and data management operations;
--  Extended product graphics association and management capabilities to
    include other relevant documents such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and
--  Links that automatically update published graphics when the original
    CAD model changes;
--  Improved processing performance of up to 75% for extremely large
    datasets such as a complete automobile or aircraft assembly; and
--  Expanded support for the SOAP/XML application programming interface
    (API) so Deep Server more easily integrates with CAD/PDM, publishing
    and other applications.
"This release represents the next step in our continued efforts to solve product graphics challenges for our largest aerospace, defense, and automotive companies," said Right Hemisphere President and CTO Mark Thomas. "For these customers to gain maximum leverage of their 3D CAD data, we wanted to excel at ease of use, integration, and overall processing performance. For this reason, Deep Server 1.9 includes major enhancements to the web user interface, additional XML-based integration, and more extensive graphics management capabilities, especially for non-engineering users in training, marketing, and documentation functions."

The greatly enhanced Deep Server 1.9 web user interface provides new tools for engineers to access and download large CAD assemblies. With Deep Server 1.9, non-engineers responsible for creating marketing, training, and technical documents will have the ease-of-use and control to define, build, download and manage their own assemblies. Assemblies can be configured and viewed specifically to meet the disparate needs of these users in training, technical documentation, marketing and other departments. Deep Server 1.9 will also automatically generate and output more types of derivative graphics from the original CAD source data. This capability eliminates slow manual processes and greatly speeds up 3D publishing.

With an advanced, "Google-like" search interface, Deep Server makes it easy for nonengineers to quickly locate 3D engineering parts and assembly data. Users can search by metadata like "date of upload" or "color," for example. A new XML interface in Deep Server 1.9 also allows users to create multiple, custom configurations of large assemblies. This ability to generate different views of the same data set is particularly useful to anyone responsible for managing multiple configurations or bills of materials, such as an automotive manufacturer with different accessories like spoilers, body kits, and wheel options.

With Deep Server 1.9, Right Hemisphere is automating even more of the product graphics publishing process. The new version can now establish links from engineering data to downstream documents. Deep Server effectively "tags" 2D and 3D derivative files created from repurposed CAD data. These tags or "links" enable Deep Server to automatically update derivative files when a change has been made to the original source CAD file, even after the derivative files have been inserted into dynamic publishing applications from vendors such as Microsoft.

About Deep Server

Deep Server is an enterprise software application that integrates CAD/PDM and publishing applications, automates 2D and 3D graphics publishing processes, and manages product graphics in over 120 leading modeling and graphic formats. Deep Server leverages CAD models as a source for lightweight graphical models and derivative graphics and integrates these graphics into Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Digital Content Creation (DCC), and Dynamic Enterprise Publishing (DEP) applications for multi-channel publishing to customers, employees, distributors, and suppliers.

Deep Server automates 2D and 3D graphics publishing processes using scalable graphics technology and best practice solutions to automate manual activities, integrate previously automated ones, and provide better visibility and control at every step. Deep Server manages 2D and 3D products graphics in a unified repository that is easy to access, yet secure. Home for lightweight graphical models and derivative graphics (technical illustrations, photorealistic images, and interactive scenes), this repository supports all the leading modeling and graphics formats. This allows subject-matter experts, illustrators, graphics designers, and others to author and publish using whatever tools and formats work best, while eliminating the need for engineering involvement.

About Right Hemisphere

Right Hemisphere is the leading provider of Product Graphics Management (PGM) software. PGM is a new category of enterprise software that integrates, automates, and manages 2D and 3D product graphics across the extended enterprise. Five of the top six automotive OEMs, nine of the top 10 aerospace and defense contractors, and hundreds more customers use Right Hemisphere software to streamline publishing of technical publications, interactive training, marketing communications, engineering collaboration documents, and more. Right Hemisphere accelerates time to market for new products and product support offerings, increases revenue and competitive advantage, and reduces product lifecycle costs. Founded in 1997, Right Hemisphere is a privately held, venture-funded corporation based in Silicon Valley and Auckland, New Zealand. For more information please visit or call toll free at (877) 309-3204.

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