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Road Safe America

February 16, 2010 09:00 ET

Road Safe America Urges Students on Spring Break to Beware Dangers They'll Face on Highways

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - February 16, 2010) -  As an estimated 3.7 million American college students get ready for their well-earned spring break, the national highway safety organization Road Safe America urges everyone to beware of the dangers they'll face when they head out for that road trip.

While tens of thousands are expected to fly, Road Safe America ( notes that millions more will be driving long distances to vacation spots during the spring break season between Feb. 15 and April 9 at U.S. institutions of higher education.


"The biggest trucks on the highway can weigh in at 80,000 pounds -- that's 40 tons, which can be 30 times larger than your little four-wheeler," says Road Safe America Board Member Pierce Owings, 26, who was in the car when his brother was killed as their car -- stopped in an interstate traffic jam -- was crushed from behind by a speeding tractor trailer going seven miles above the posted speed limit on cruise control. "Almost 5,000 people a year are killed in highway crashes involving heavy commercial vehicles and we don't want any students on spring break 2010 to be among those statistics."

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Students getting ready for their road trips should visit to look over safety tips, such as these:

  • Be extra alert as you approach a large truck. Because of their size, loads, and weights, large trucks handle very differently from cars. Variations in road conditions, weather, driver fatigue level and other factors also affect a driver's ability to control a "big rig."
  • Don't text or tweet at all behind the wheel around trucks or any other time.  In the split second it takes to look down at the keys or screen on your phone, you become a safety hazard to yourself and everyone else on the road.
  • Avoid blind spots around trucks. If you can't see a truck's side mirrors, the truck can't see you. One out of three crashes between large trucks and cars takes place in the blind spots around a truck.
  • Do not cut in front of any large vehicle, including a truck or bus. Since they require much more distance to stop in comparison to cars, forcing a large vehicle to slam on its brakes to stop quickly in an attempt to avoid you can result in a fatal crash.
  • Watch a truck's turn signals closely to give you important information about its next moves. Take precautions to stay out of the way.
  • Night driving is much more dangerous than daytime. Drive in groups and change drivers frequently to avoid driver fatigue.


Founded in 2003, Road Safe America is working with other safety organizations, businesses, trucking companies and average citizens to have speed governors on trucks set at 65 mph or lower, and to require electronic on board recorders -- black boxes like on airliners -- to be activated on heavy commercial vehicles.

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