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December 02, 2008 03:30 ET

Rolex Watches: John Mayer Gives a Rolex President to Jessica Simpson & Jennifer Aniston but Not to Cameron Diaz

Rolex Collector and Music Phenomenon John Mayer Gave Rolex President Watches to Both Jessica Simpson & Jennifer Aniston When He Was Dating Them, but Why Didn't Mayer Give a Rolex President Watch to Cameron Diaz?

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 2, 2008) - Rolex Watches: John Mayer, a known Rolex Datejust & Day Date President collector and a generous boyfriend, gave Rolex President watches to both Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston when he was dating them. In contrast, he did not give a Rolex President wristwatch to Cameron Diaz during their time together. John Mayer gave Jessica Simpson a Rolex Datejust Jubilee Men's Watch with an Oyster Bracelet. She is wearing the watch in a paparazzi photograph. Later, when it came time to give a Rolex to Jennifer Aniston, Mayer gave the star a Ladies Oyster Datejust with black face and pink hour markers. When he dated Cameron Diaz before the Simpson and Aniston relationships, they reportedly had a passionate affair. However, she departed without a Rolex. Diaz has the right to be angry because Mayer even gave a Rolex Day Date President to his well-known male trainer, Harley Pasternak. Why didn't John Mayer give a Rolex Datejust or a Rolex Day Date to Jennifer Aniston?

This article by John Lavitt can be read at the MJ Rolex Watch Blog:

John Mayer's lapse in not giving a Rolex Datejust to Cameron Diaz may explain why Diaz was so angry with Jennifer Aniston, his latest on-and-off fling. On a slew of celebrity sites, the war between Diaz and Aniston is being updated on a regular basis. The feud began in April when Aniston started dating Mayer. It is possible that when Diaz saw that Mayer had bought Jennifer Aniston a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, she just could not take it anymore. Cameron Diaz must have thought to herself: "John Mayer gave Jessica Simpson a Rolex, and he gave Jennifer Aniston a Rolex, and all I got was a broken heart. After all, if even his trainer gets a Rolex, why wasn't I given an expensive watch as well?" Luckily, Diaz makes enough money from her movies to buy herself an entire collection of Rolex watches and not just the Rolex Datejust models that Aniston and Simpson bought but a Rolex Day Date President.

When he is not buying Rolex watches for his celebrity girlfriends, John Mayer buys Rolex wristwatches for himself. In the picture, John Mayer wears his favorite Rolex from his extensive collection which is pictured at the link below on the MJ Rolex Watch bog and the specific description is as follows: Mens Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel, White dial with luminous hour markers, 44 jewels, and a Stainless steel Oyster bracelet with flip-lock clasp. Strangely enough, when O.J. Simpson was ordered to turn over his Rolex Submariner to the Goldman family, all John Mayer wanted to talk about when he was leaving his 30th birthday party was Simpson's Rolex. Clearly, Mayer loves Rolex watches, but he does not know them well enough to realize that Simpson's watch was a $125 fake.

Ultimately, John Mayer should stick to his merry-go-round of celebrity girlfriends and continue to give them Rolex watches. The gift of a Rolex temporarily made both Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston happy. In fact, John Mayer should resolve a past mistake and give Cameron Diaz a Rolex as well. After all, we all love Cameron Diaz and she has made enough amazing movies to clearly deserve wearing a Rolex. Maybe it would be a good gesture to mend Diaz's broken heart.

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