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August 04, 2008 14:16 ET

Rubber Speed Cushions Find Their Home at Southern California HOAs

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - August 4, 2008) - Steve Robinson is a contractor for Quickel Construction, a Southern California-based paving company. When he received a call last summer from Trail Woods, an HOA in Irvine, CA, asking for speed cushions, he wasn't quite sure how to respond. "Frankly, I had no idea what speed cushions were," Steve said.

After doing some research, Steve found the Traffic Logix rubber speed cushions. He researched several other products but chose the Traffic Logix ones because of the interlocking tongue and groove system. He felt that the rubber units would stay together better than products where units are just installed side by side.

He introduced his customer to the Traffic Logix solution and they purchased 24 of the rubber cushions. The HOA board and residents were thrilled with their purchase. The speed cushions gave them the speed reductions they wanted to keep their streets safer. "They slowed vehicles down," one board member commented, "but still let emergency vehicles get by unhindered."

When Mr. Robinson saw how satisfied Trail Woods was with the rubber cushions, he began to actively promote the products to his customers who wanted to reduce speeds with speed bumps or similar devices. He distributed brochures of the Traffic Logix cushions and used the Trail Woods site as a demonstration for the products. Representatives of other HOAs were impressed when they watched cars slowing down to go over the aesthetically pleasing cushions while emergency vehicles passed without slowing.

The cushions are designed as a series of small speed humps installed across the roadway. Cars must drive by with one or both wheels on the rubber products, while the wider berth of emergency vehicles allows them to straddle the cushions. The products, like most of Traffic Logix' line of rubber solutions, are made from recycled rubber truck tires. Each cushion uses 40 tires, which would otherwise be in environmentally hazardous landfills. Highly reflective highway tape is imbedded into each unit to ensure optimal visibility, even at night.

Quickel Construction has sold cushions to three more southern California HOAs since the Trail Woods purchase last summer. Mr. Robinson plans to continue to promote the Traffic Logix cushions in the future. "They're effective in slowing cars down," he commented "and that's just what the HOAs want to do."

Despite a historically large price difference between asphalt and rubber, rubber traffic calming solutions are becoming more popular. This is due in part to the many features that preformed, portable rubber solutions offer. In addition, the past six months have witnessed a dramatic increase in the price of asphalt. This year alone, the cost of asphalt has soared 80%. The increased prices significantly impacts cities and counties as they pave roads and create asphalt speed humps, bumps or speed tables to calm traffic. The price difference between the versatile rubber solutions and asphalt has been greatly diminished, making it an ideal time to revisit rubber.

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