SOURCE: SCG International

November 28, 2008 14:45 ET

SCG International Advisory Bulletin on India Attacks

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 28, 2008) - SCG International, a U.S.-based global provider of fully integrated, domestic and international security services, today released an advisory bulletin providing further insight into the attacks in India.

SCG International analysis of the event focuses on the strategic aspect of the attack, as opposed to the tactical failure of the India CIB (Intelligence Bureau) and the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing responsible for external intelligence collection for India), as well as law enforcement units in the area.

The following quotes may be attributed to Jamie Smith, CEO of SCG International and a former decorated CIA officer. Smith is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on international security.

--  "India and Pakistan were holding high-level national security meetings
    just five hours prior to the attack.  The two countries have been
    cooperating at unprecedented levels recently on security and counter-
    terrorism issues."
--  "Countries in the region (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc.) have
    recently been signaling a willingness to be more cooperative with the new
    U.S. Obama Administration.  This new cooperation between the nation-states
    in the region with the U.S. would reduce the intra-state friction (India
    vs. Pakistan vs. Afghanistan).  This reduction in friction would make it
    more difficult than ever for Al Qaeda groups to operate, as the security
    net would be tightened further through enhanced information sharing,
    military cooperation and related benefits."
--  "Al Qaeda seeks to strategically reinsert this friction into the
    region, destabilizing relations between the regional nation-states, thus
    creating an environment in which they can more freely operate from their
    base of operations located in western Pakistan tribal areas."
--  "The India attacks point to the attackers being an Al Qaeda-inspired
    group having 'legs' originating in, or having at least an ideological
    support base in/from Pakistan."
--  "The group's objective was likely to create a situation in India,
    which would be linked back to Pakistan, prompting India to respond
    militarily to Pakistan thus creating confusion and friction between the
    neighboring states.  India, however, is past taking military action against
    Pakistan and will likely demand swift diplomatic action to deal with the
    rising internal Muslim radicals who are creating regional problems from
    within Pakistan."
--  "Al Qaeda wants to see this friction, as it will stunt not only
    cooperation between the regional states, but will also create problems
    between the U.S. and those states, as the U.S. will be forced to choose
    between one side or another in the event of a military confrontation."
--  "Cooperation between India, Pakistan and the U.S./U.K. is bad for Al
    Qaeda, which seeks to drive a wedge between Pakistan and India, playing on
    historical disagreements which would then drive yet another wedge between
    those countries and the U.S./U.K.  It is a similar tactics used a few years
    ago with the train bombing in Madrid where wedges were driven between the
    Spanish government and the coalition."
--  "The situation presents a clear opportunity for the U.S./U.K.
    (Coalition Forces) to put diplomatic pressure on the Pakistanis to deal
    with their radical Muslim elements.  Such international pressure, coupled
    with pressure from India would effectively place Pakistan in a diplomatic
    vice, presenting an opportunity to demand the Pakistanis either deal
    decisively with their problems internally or allow external assistance to
    root out and neutralize the threat.  If the Pakistanis had no knowledge of
    this group planning this attack, then they clearly need to do a lot more in
    the way of internal security and intelligence gathering."

SCG International is a global provider of fully integrated domestic and international security services to both the government and private sectors, and is recognized as a world leader in risk mitigation, intelligence support and training. Established in 1996, the organization offers clients practical solutions to promote stability and resolve conflict no matter how large or small. SCG International clients include Fortune 500 companies, entertainment and media conglomerates, financial institutions, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Intelligence agencies, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Army, U.S. Naval Special Warfare, the U.S. Marine Corps and high-profile individuals including dignitaries, politicians, celebrities, athletes, corporate executives, media personalities and other public figures.

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