SOURCE: G Advertising

November 04, 2007 14:37 ET

SEO vs Aesthetics? Beauty and the Beast

PASADENA, CA--(Marketwire - November 4, 2007) - Advertising is more then just a pretty ad, great radio vocals, slick web animation. It's also more then just technical listings and linking. So what is the answer? G Advertising takes a unique advertising approach. By combining traditional media, such as direct mail, door hangers, newspaper advertising, TV commercials, with modern media like search engine optimization and quality website creation G Advertising produces an outcome geared for success.

G Advertising approaches every advertising project with two main points. First you must grab your potential clients by the eyeballs, then you have to make it simple for them to find you. Beauty and the beast. The most creative, cool, super stylistic ad doesn't mean a thing if no one sees it and at the same time if everyone is looking and your advertising campaign has horrific aesthetics it can be more damaging then if no one saw it.

The answer to a successful advertising campaign. Step one: Leave the creative to the creatives. Most companies, want to see and be apart of everything. So often this is a huge mistake. The CEO, COO, CIO, and whatever analytical mind you can think of tend to get in the way and bog down the creative production schedule. Step two: Understand that all advertising has three parts. Part 1 - Pre-production (what are we going to do). Part 2 - Production (o.k. we are doing it). Part 3 - Distribution (who are we talking to). Failure to accomplish any one of these three parts results in a failed advertising campaign. Failure to maximize aesthetics can result in something far worse then a failed campaign. Reputation for a company is hard to keep when it's good. It's even more difficult to get rid of when it's bad.

Once the aesthetics are finalized (the beauty) you have to pay close attention to the beast. Advertising is about generating sales. Distribution is always the most expensive part of a campaign, because if the creative is good it will last for years, but distribution is ongoing. The more targeted the distribution is the better your ad spend is. You must get the right message in front of the right buyer at the right time. G Advertising concentrates and thrives in that evolving space where their clients' message meets their consumers.

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